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Black English Overview

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Black English is a tool used by racists Whites to attack the self-esteem of Black people. Racists advertise it as an indicator of poverty, ignorance, or stupidity while pointing to formal English as the language of the “cultured,” classier, and more elegant -- particularly when used with an educated USA northeast coast British-type accent.

The Jayson Blair Scandal: A Tale of Two Compulsions

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By Lee A. Daniels
Director of Publications
National Urban League

For anyone who honestly believes that race is no longer a significant factor in the discourse about American life, the Jayson Blair scandal provides a much-needed education.

Voices From the Community

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Budget Cuts

Misinformation spread by the Internet and some other publications is causing needless concern among the veterans in the Riverside community.

Parts of Speech (Part II)

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Grammar deals with the formulation of the proper methods of verbal expression and communication. “Grammar In A Nutshell:” Three little words you often see/Are articles -- A, An, and The.

A World Turned Upside Down

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By Milton J. Little, Jr.
Interim President and CEO
National Urban League

In the “old days,” from the early 1930s to, say, the mid-1990s, it was accepted that part of government’s duty was to be compassionate toward and protect those Americans who were the poorest and neediest among us.
Who among us will say now that government in America intends to maintain that obligation?

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