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Crime=Black Fuels Racial Suspicions

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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The news that Macy’s, Dillard’s and J.C. Penny have been slapped with what some now brand “shopping while Black” lawsuits was no surprise. I immediately flashed back to the experience I had some months ago at a Macy’s department store in Los Angeles.


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President Abraham Lincoln had signed a bill into law on April 16, 1862 freeing slaves in Washington, D.C. However, after being wishy-washy for a long period of time -- thanks in no small part to the urging of the ex-slave Fredrick Douglass -- he signed official papers freeing all African American slaves late in the Summer of 1862.

Reform The Rockefeller Drug Laws

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By Marc H. Morial
President and CEO
National Urban League

May was the 30th anniversary of the New York state legislature’s enactment of the so-called Rockefeller Drug Laws.

BVN Readers Speak

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Thank You

Just to let you know that 3 of our daughters will and have graduated this year from college....Adena graduated from Cal Baptist on May 3 with a BA in Mathematics...Aretha and Alayna will graduate Saturday and Sunday from UCLA with majors in Anthropology and Physiological Sciences and Mel and I graduated from Cal Baptist as well. Melvin graduated in May, 2000 with a BA in Liberal Studies, emphasis in Science and I graduated May, 2002 with a BA in Liberal Studies, emphasis in Social Science.

The Roots of Black English

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Since the beginning of African American slavery racist and mainstream Americans have ranked Black English at the bottom of the totem pole with respect prestige -- saying it is a reflection of poverty, ignorance, and stupidity. The impact of this constant message has had a significant effect on the “persona” self-esteem of Blacks -- that portion of self-esteem which intermingles with the public.

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