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Negro Creole

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On the grocery store’s bulletin board is a collage of messages posted by different people about their concerns -- rooms for rent, jobs or tennis partners wanted, bicycles for sale. Similarly, studying the word “Creole” will leave you with a confusing collage as to what the word means because there are inumerable unrelated opinions.

Keys to America’s Future: Values, Vision and Vitality

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After all the seemingly endless violations and charges of violations of ethics in journalism and business and politics of recent weeks and months, I intend to spend some time at an oasis over the weekend.

Victory in Tulia, But Not in Drug War

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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Texas authorities claimed that the release of the 12 Blacks jailed on trumped up drug charges was proof that justice can and will prevail even in the most blatant racial-tinged drug cases. But don’t uncork the champagne yet. The Tulia case was unique in two appalling ways. With one exception, all those swept up in the drug busts were Black.

Black English During Slavery

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Black English is an essential part of African American heritage and is therefore to be respected. Some call it either Creole, a dialect, and/or a language. Whatever the case, it is a constantly evolving form of American speech -- adding and dropping vernacular as society and the English language change.

USA Patriot Act: Destroying the Freedoms It Seeks to Protect

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By Rep. Maxine Waters

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I had the opportunity to question Attorney General John Ashcroft about the Patriot Act and related issues concerning the Justice Department’s use of its expanded law enforcement and intelligence-gathering powers against both immigrants and American citizens.

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