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Democrats and NAACP Need A Makeover

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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The Democratic Presidential candidates that trooped to the NAACP convention and the NAACP have much in common. They both are in desperate need of a makeover. The Democrats went there to pitch and woo Black voters.

The Significance of African Names

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A Name is a word or small group of words used to indicate a thing -- real or imaginary -- in its entirety. The name singles out the entity or thing by directly pointing to it, not by specifying it as a member of a class.

Affirmative Action/In A State of Becoming

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Can we really believe the recent Supreme Court ruling does what President Bush said? He called the decisions “a careful balance” between the goal of diversity and “the fundamental principle of equal treatment under the law.”

Real or Bogus School Reform

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By Marian Wright Edelman

Children who cannot read or compute are sentenced to economic and social death in our country. Yet only 41 percent of the nation's White, 15 percent of Latino, and 12 percent of Black 4th graders can read at a proficient level. Only one-third of White, 12 percent of Latino, and 9 percent of Black 8th graders can do math at a proficient level.

The Power of Words on Slaves

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The greatest degree of power conceivable is mentioned in the Bible (John 1:1, 14): “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Although this is an African concept of creation (see “Theology of Memphis”) thousands of years before the Bible. The Old Testament explains it as “God speaks and thus creates a reality” (Gen. 1:3, etc). The reality of life is the Word.

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