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From Slave Capture to Renaming

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Picture yourself walking along enjoying life when suddenly a fishnet is thrown over you and renders you completely helpless. Your mind immediately goes into a survival mode -- a place far deeper than your self-esteem or your mental sanity -- a place where your self-identity lies -- a place to which an Ancient African’s birth name referred.

What are you going to do now? This is the situation Africans were in when captured by fellow Africans and forever enslaved. A significant number of slaves came out of highly cultured societies, including the Moslem empires of the Western Sudan.

America’s Challenge on Africa: Keeping the President’s Word

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We are pleased that President Bush visited Africa.

Most importantly, the fact that George W. Bush now knows that Africa is important to America’s foreign policy represents a step in the right direction for his foreign policy “dream team.”

Bryant Dumps Thug Athlete Issue Back on Nation’s Table

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Kobe Bryant is the biggest name professional athlete to land on a police blotter in the past few weeks. But he’s hardly the only one. Ten other pro football and basketball players also are squirming on the legal hot seat. They are some of the biggest names in their sport. They are paid a king’s ransom in salary, and make millions more in endorsements, promotional and business deals.

Ancient African Naming Practices

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As noted in the Old Testament, almost all of the earliest African names were originals. Some of the various ways parents named children were after animals (totem), objects, gods, ancestors, or by praising a group to whom the family was attached, like clans. Some applied the name that marked the occasion of the child’s birth.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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The federal Department of Labor delivered the latest news from the jobs front last week, and it was unrelievedly gloomy.

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