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Children of Prisoners-Are We Punishing the Children Too?

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When you think about prisons, preschoolers don't usually come to mind. But a growing number of children of all ages are finding that prison has become part of their everyday world. That's because the number of children with parents in correctional facilities is growing at an alarming rate.

Did the Slaves Steal? (Part I)

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Courtroom scene during slavery: Judge -- “order in the court! We are here to try the case of just how badly the slaves steal. We already know that stealing is the most frequent violation of the law charged against slaves. All we need is the accusation by Whites for slaves to be declared guilty. The plaintiffs may now state their case.”

For Jews-Holocaust Unforgettable For Blacks-Racism Unforgettable

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The issue of racism is complex, emotionally charged and often distorted. No misinformed and hollow approach to its explanation will get the job done. If one would write intelligently about it, his/her level of intelligence must be commensurate with the depth and breadth of history of racism in all its forms.

Children With Disabilities - Still Left Behind

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Under the Bush administration's No Child Left Behind Education Act, many children with disabilities who need help most are facing special problems right now in our public schools. These children are disproportionately likely to be Black and brown.

“Okay” -- An African Word

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The African word “okay” is a universal language masterpiece and easily takes first prize among all English words for usage and usefulness. The Euro-American linguist R. Claiborne (“Our marvelous Natural Tongue”) is to be applauded for having the courage to say: “and its source was unquestionably one of various West African expressions such as o-ke or waw-ke, meaning O.K.

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