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Did the Slaves Steal? (Part III)

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Ladies and gentlemen of this Old South kangaroo court. As co-counsel with Mr. Fredrick Douglass in defense of the slaves, I will summarize Mr. Douglass’ points, add others he did not mention, and address a wider concept of whether the slaves engaged in stealing. Although the purpose of a closing argument is to persuasively present the substance of the facts without generating hostility, I must tell the truth, no matter how painful.

Blacks, Browns, Whites and Political Power

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By Sylvester McGill

In the early 1950s there were a very few Black voters. In the Mexican community the vote was almost non-existant. Mexicans were barely surviving on starvation wages as they were only hired to perform stoop labor in California’s vast Agri-business.

Blacks Deserve to Live

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Blacks in San Bernardino County deserve to live as long as Whites, Hispanics and Asians, but Blacks die younger than any other race. The life expectancy of an African-American male in San Bernardino County is 56.3 years while his White counterpoint lives to be 69.4 years old.

Did the Slaves Steal? (Part II)

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In the defense of the slaves regarding the issue of “Did the slaves steal?” I will join Fredrick Douglass (“My Bondage and my Freedom”) as co-counsel in the fictitious Antebellum (before the Civil War) courtroom scene.

Dennis Archer and Black America’s Pioneer Generation

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Early August, indelibly separated now by the great power failure that hit much of the Northeast and Midwest, seems in some ways a long time ago. But something happened in this month’s early days that should not be overlooked.

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