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Did Schwarzenegger and His Buddies Rape a Black Girl? Does Anybody Care?

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By Joe C. Hopkins
Pasadena Journal
Guest Editorial

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his confessions about his past said, “once in Golds Gym there was a Black girl who came out naked.

Fixing Black America’s Crisis in Unemployment

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At first glance, the federal Department of Labor monthly report released August 1 seemed to contain good news: the unemployment rate fell from 6.4 percent in June to 6.2 percent in July.

How Whiskey Helped Control the Slaves

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Slaveowners must be credited with being cunning. In the 14th century, “cunning” meant knowing how to sneakly:

(1) manipulate someone to one’s benefit; (2) cause the victim to lose something; and (3) make the evil deed look good to outsiders.

Black America’s Unfinished March on Washington

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This past weekend thousands of Americans gathered in Washington—joined in spirit, no doubt, by millions of their compatriots throughout the country—to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the historic March on Washington that occurred August 28, 1963.

Don't Break Head Start: It Works

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As members of Congress left Washington for their summer recess, they left behind a lot of unfinished business that children and families urgently needed them to address. They didn't give the 12 million children in 6.5 million hardworking tax-paying military and civilian families the tax refunds given to wealthier families.

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