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Fixing Black America’s Crisis in Unemployment

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At first glance, the federal Department of Labor’s monthly report released August 1 seemed to contain good news: the unemployment rate fell from 6.4 percent in June to 6.2 percent in July.

An Independent Counsel Needed to Investigate the White House Leak

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By Rep. Maxine Waters

There is no doubt that someone leaked the name of a covert CIA operative to the press. The information appeared in a July 15 nationally syndicated column written by Robert Novak, who attributed the leak to two senior administration officials. Is there a traitor in the White House?


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The “shape” of Black English is like the world of slavery connected by a tunnel to today’s world. Its shape started when captured Africans were brought together and formed a communication replica of the biblical Tower of Babel. Because slaves, ranging from West Africa to Mozambique in Southeast Africa, were as varied in speech as in appearance when herded together, they developed an African slave pidgin while awaiting deportation to the New World.

Talking About Race

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By Governor Howard Dean

Race is a difficult subject in America. Politicians often tell Black audiences that they believe in civil rights and affirmative action. Some talk about their own experiences in the Civil Rights movement.

When Will Dean Meet-Up in The ‘Hood’?

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On September 6, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean ran a 60 second ad on South Carolina radio stations that specifically targeted Black voters.

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