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Limbaugh Deserves Compassion, But So Do Others

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The moment that embattled conservative talk radio king, Rush Limbaugh admitted that he was hopelessly hooked on pain killing drugs and would check into a rehab center the sympathy applause from conservatives was deafening. At first glance, their applause seems disingenuous at best, and hypocritical at worst.

Procrastination (Part II)

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The best that can be said about procrastination is you know for sure when you will get started doing the job. For sure, you will do it tomorrow. However, the one tiny interference with this declaration is that “tomorrow never comes.”

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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The federal Department of Labor delivered the latest news from the jobs front recently, and it was unrelievedly gloomy.

More Republican Trash Talk on Race

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When President Bush swore to make the Republican Party racially inclusive, there was no delusion that conservative Republicans would soften their granite like belief in a hawkish foreign policy, corporate tax giveaways, and opposition to abortion, gay rights, and gun control.

Procrastination (Part I)

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A cute story comes from a San Diego reader who wrote to ask for my help with her “character flaw” of procrastination.

The letter was written in October, dated in January, and sent to me in March!

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