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Dangerous Double Standards on Stereotypes

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The reaction predictably was loud and swift from Black leaders to Ghettopoly.

This is the silly, inane board game that purports to parody Monopoly, and features Blacks as gun toting carjacking, crack sniffing pimps, whores, and gangsters.

Procrastination (Part IV)

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A trap is a device for catching animals.

An old-fashioned “dead fall” trap has bait placed beneath an extremely heavy cross log.

Vote November 4th

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Walter Hawkins
Walter’s involvement with the community was clearly demonstrated prior to his election to the Board of Education. He is not only concerned with the youth in school but what happens to them upon graduation, which is where the rubber meets the road. Vote Walter Hawkins.

Procrastination (Part III)

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Mother once told me a story of an elderly couple in a boat on the lake. They were violently arguing over how a string was cut. The man said with a knife and his wife said with scissors. The man became so angry that he threw his wife overboard and she started to drown. The first time she went down and came back up to the surface, she hollered out “scissors.”

Time to Lay the '73 Oil Embargo to Rest

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By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren

Thirty years ago today [Oct. 17, 1973], the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries announced that its member states would immediately cut oil production by 5 percent and continue to do so each and every month until Israel withdrew from the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem.

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