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Election Results

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During the last election we made a series of endorse- ments in various races throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties and many of you have requested a follow-up on the winners we endorsed.

The winners are:

Letters to the Editor

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Hurrah for an End to Murder

The most heinous crime against the most defenseless has come to an end with Congress passing the ban on partial birth abortion. The right to choose shouldn't be an excuse for “I've changed by mind, kill it while it is being delivered.”

Karol Hansen
Temecula, CA

Danger in Sharpton’s Anti-Black Ploy Against Dean

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On the surface Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton’s shoot-from the lip quip that Howard Dean is anti-Black and that Jesse Jackson Jr. and other Black leaders that endorse a White Democrat are Uncle Toms is ridiculous even by his loose standard.

Knowledge is Power

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Ancient Black Egyptian priests, in elaborating on the African proverb “knowledge is power,” said self-knowledge is the basis of true knowledge. True self-knowledge releases inner powers designed to show the way to advantages and away from whatever is a disadvantage -- whether in one’s own inner world or in the outside world.

New Study: SAT is Racist

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By Ron Walters

A few weeks ago, I gave a speech in Baltimore in which I suggested that the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) score gap between Black and White students did not measure the intelligence of Black students, but the rate of Black to White cultural assimilation.

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