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Scared to Go to School: “Strategies for the survival of Black children in their communities"

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by Torrence Brannon Reese

One by one they stepped forward, shy, timid, strained eyes, folded hands, buckling knees; yet they were brave and fearless at the same time. To a classroom packed with parents, they told their painful stories of why they are afraid to go to school, and we listened.

Philosophy of Life Categories

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Your philosophy of life (POL) is your prioritized fundamental values -- those self-chosen guides which shape what you think, feel, say, and do throughout your life.

Every choice, every decision, every solution you fashion is based upon your POL.

America Needs the Healthcare Equality and Accountability Act of 2003

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By Rep. Maxine Waters

Health insurance premiums are steadily increasing, the cost of prescription drugs is skyrocketing and millions of Americans simply cannot afford healthcare. One in six Americans-more than 40 million-have no health insurance and 4 million Americans have joined the rolls of the uninsured since George W. Bush assumed the office of President.

Dangerous Double Standards on Stereotypes

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The reaction predictably was loud and swift from Black leaders to Ghettopoly.

This is the silly, inane board game that purports to parody Monopoly, and features Blacks as gun toting carjacking, crack sniffing pimps, whores, and gangsters.

Philosophy of Life

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Three things have shaped what we like and dislike. The first occurred in our mother’s womb -- the “home” where we were protected and nourished. But it was also a “classroom” where we internalized what mother thought, felt, reacted to, ate, drank, listened to (e.g. type, tone, and volume of conversation or music), got angry about, was stressed out about, or was happy about.

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