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Age-Old Tradition Marks the End of a Passage for Students at Four-D College

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Four-D College’s vocational nursing program held a capping and pinning ceremony for its June part-time graduates on Saturday, June 20th on campus. Eleven students participated in the ceremony.

Ms. Jean Stevenson MHA, BS, RN, Director of Nursing kicked off the program by welcoming everyone while Krystal Farley, an LVN student offered the invocation.

Several nursing students talked about their experiences at Four-D College. For example, Juliet Garvin, another LVN student mentioned that the only way she made it through school was by utilizing the great discounts at Del Taco!

Completing the program entitles the graduates to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) for licensure as a Vocational Nurse in the State of California.

The Nurse Pinning Ceremony is a solemn ceremony that is considered by many graduating nurses as the high point of graduation exercises.

It has been used to mark completion of nurse training programs since the era of Florence Nightingale and the
nursing school she pioneered at St. Thomas Hospital 150 years ago.

During Saturday’s ceremony, students were dressed in the traditional white uniform that was a standard in the profession for many years. As the pinning ceremony began, a traditional white nursing cap was pinned on their head.

Called “capping,” this part of the pinning ceremony signifies that the candidate is now ready to wear the traditional pin of a graduate nurse.

The graduates were then “pinned” and presented the traditional lamp often used in such ceremonies. The nursing pin is the symbol of the Caduceus, which is described as a short rod entwined by two snakes and topped by a pair of wings. The use of a lamp in the ceremony also dates back to the era of Florence Nightingale, who earned the nickname “The Lady with the Lamp” following her experiences in the Crimean War.

Following the presentations, the graduating nurses took part in a traditional lamp-lighting ceremony signifying their acceptance of the responsibilities of a trained nurse.

After the Nurse’s Pledge was recited, Ms. Andrea Arthur RN, VN Instructor ended the ceremony with a closing prayer.

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