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Riverside County Office Education Awarded Science Grant

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Kenneth M. Young, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools, this week announced that the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) has been awarded a $332,000 federal grant to benefit science students and teachers in its Career Technical Education (CTE) program.

 For students, the grant will be used to support a CTE Science Careers course at Norco High School. In this course, students will learn about what it takes to obtain a career in science. They will also have the opportunity to intern at high-tech companies and receive real world experience in science careers.

 For teachers, the grant will provide special training in science instruction. It will also pay for teachers to attend a summer institute in science instruction offered through Cal Poly Pomona.  The grant will pay for teachers to spend time at high-tech companies and see how their classroom instruction connects with real world job applications.

 The grant was made possible by the Fund for the Improvement of Education (FIE), which supports "programs of national significance" and was obtained by RCOE with the assistance of Congressman Ken Calvert.

A Taste Of Korea Coming To The IE

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A taste of ancient Korean culture is coming to downtown San Bernardino's Court Street on Oct. 4, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Taste of Korea is designed to acquaint Inland Empire residents with Korean culture.

Events will focus on Korean Royal Cuisine, food of kings and queens of ancient Korea.  Largely through the efforts of Hwang Hae-seong, founder and director of the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine, these ancient recipes have been kept alive and passed onto the public, first in Korea and now throughout the world.

Students from the Art Institute preparing Korean dishes.

The Korean General Consulate of Los Angeles and the Korea Agro-Trade Center of Los Angeles are sponsoring this event, along with the Art Institute of California - Inland Empire and the City of San Bernardino.

"The Korean sponsors want to make people aware of Korean food," said Chef Eyad Joseph, academic director of The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire. "There are no festivals like this in the Inland Empire and there isn't much awareness about Korean food here, yet kimchi, a staple of the Korean diet, is becoming one of the most popular Asian foods worldwide.

"We at the International Culinary School want people to know a lot more about Korean food as well," Chef Joseph added.

The Korea Agro-Trade Center is an agency of the Korean government and its purpose is to promote Korean agriculture. It has done this by holding cooking festivals in the Los Angeles area, Chef Joseph said, but this is its first time the Taste of Korea will be held in the Inland Empire.

Han Bok-Ryeo, president of the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine, and 61-year-old protégée of Hwang Hae-seong Hwang, is the featured guest of the Taste of Korea.

She will give a cooking demonstration of Korean Royal Cuisine during the festival, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. She will be accompanied by a team of six additional professional chefs who are highly trained in this cuisine, three from Korea and three from Los Angeles.

The festival begins at 10 a.m. with Korean cultural performances from the Korean Classical Music & Dance Co. This organization is directed by University of California Los Angeles professor Dr. Don Kim, and is comprised mainly of UCLA students, and will give musical demonstrations of traditional Korean dances and drum routines throughout the day.

Opening ceremonies will be held at 12:30 p.m. In addition to the music demonstrations by the Korean Classical Music & Dance Co., the team of chefs assisting in the Korean Royal Cuisine demonstration by Han Bok-Ryeo will prepare other Korean dishes at various times during the day.

A cooking competition is also planned, with eight two-chef teams from the International Culinary School, two from Arroyo High School in San Bernardino and two from Los Angeles-area high schools, representing the Korean Consulate. Students are competing for the chance to win a combined $5,000 scholarship to the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire in San Bernardino.

In this competition, students will prepare kimchi, the pickled vegetable dish that has been a staple of Korean diet for more than 3,000 years. The students will also use kimchi to prepare a fusion dish.

"Fusion is incorporating another culture into the dish," Chef Joseph explained. "They could make kimchi pizza, kimchi burritos, kimchi sandwiches or anything else they can imagine."

The third requirement in this timed, Iron Chef style competition, is to use Korean mushrooms to prepare an appetizer. If time permits, the students will also use Asian pears to make a dessert.

Miraculous Photos on Display, Saturday, October 18

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Fred Wade, executive producer of the highly successful Gospel Preachers Awards Show, will display an unusual collection of abstract photographs that depict many hidden mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and several books of the Holy Bible. During this once in a lifetime free exhibit on Saturday, October 18 scenes from the Bible miraculously come to life, even though Fred did not set out to arrange over 1,000 archived prints.  "I was led by the holy spirit to toss the drop cloth and shoot.  What developed I can only explain as miraculous photographs." 

The exhibit will take place at 400 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 100 in Manhattan Beach, California from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm where Fred will unveil fashionable, miraculous, artistic work, "without a brush or the drawings of the hands of man."  During the photo exhibit, Fred Wade will share his powerful testimony of an unforgettable experience that has baffled scholars and clergy of diverse religious groups.

In January, Fred Wade honored prolific men and women of God at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre with a Gospel Preacher Award.  A few of the awardees included: Rev. Cecil Murray, AME Church; Bishop Charles E. Blake, West Angeles COGIC; Pastor Michelle Corral, Breath of the Spirit Ministries; Rev. Ron M. Gibson, Life COGIC; Pastor Suzanne Hinn, Benny Hinn Ministries; Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Faithful Central Bible Church; Bishop Noel Jones, City of Refuge; Dr. Fred K. C. Price, Crenshaw Christian Center; Janice and Homer McKenzie, West Angeles COGIC.

 Gospel radio personalities Aundrae Russell and Kevin Nash co-hosted the first annual Gospel Preachers Awards Show in January.  Musical performances included famed TBN gospel artist Leon Patillo and OweNoMan Music Group recording artist "KEYO." 

Admission, parking and refreshments on Saturday, October 18 are free.  For more information about the miraculous, abstract photos exhibited at the Christian Gallery Showcase please call - (310) 810-0128.

“San Bernardino Story Time,” Read for the Record Events To Be Held Throughout the City

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Mayor Patrick J. Morris, the San Bernardino Public Library, the San Bernardino City Unified School District, and First 5 announced their participation in Jumpstart's Read for the Record, a national campaign designed to break the world record for the number of adults and children reading the same book on the same day, while also working to break the cycle of illiteracy.

Mayor Morris will read the story of Corduroy to preschool students at Delmann Heights Community Center located at 2969 Flores Street and all branches of the San Bernardino Public Library will host a "San Bernardino Story Time", Read for the Record Event on October 2nd at 10:30 a.m.  Branches are located at:

-         Norman F. Feldheym Central Library. 555 West 6th Street

-         Dorothy Inghram Branch Library. 1505 W. Highland Avenue

-         Howard M. Rowe Branch Library. 108 E. Marshall Boulevard

-         Paul Villaseñor Branch Library. 525 N. Mt. Vernon Avenue

"Current research overwhelmingly supports the importance of facilitating early and emerging literacy skills in preschool-age children as a critical foundation for literacy development," said Mayor Morris. "Jumpstart's Read for the Record is a positive way to raise awareness about the importance of early childhood literacy skills." Mayor Morris encourages readers of all ages to visit www.readfortherecord.org and register to read the campaign's official book, Corduroy, on October 2.  Each child that participates will receive a copy of the book Corduroy to take home, compliments of First 5.

Jumpstart - through Jumpstart's Read for the Record campaign and intensive early education programs - puts books in the homes of children who need them most and focuses on helping them make gains in crucial language and literacy skills. The Pearson Foundation, sponsor and founding partner of the campaign, is once again underwriting the cost of this year's campaign book, Corduroy, from Penguin Young Readers.

Hundreds Pay Tribute to Retiring Fischer

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"After our families and our faith, our public schools have the greatest opportunity to make a difference in the life of  a child," is the mantra that Dr. Herb Fischer lives by.

Dr.’s Herb and Cheryl Fischer thank the crowd.

Hundreds paid tribute to Fischer as he retired as the County Superintendent of Schools in San Bernardino.

Using the theme "O Captain! My Captain!" His love of the sea and sailing was front and center. People who have made milestones in his life spoke. If every life he touched spoke the event would have lasted for weeks.

Speakers selected to represent groups spoke of him in different phases of his life.

Dr. Paulette Brown Hinds was one of his most successful students and part of the group who looked out for him when he became the principal of San Bernardino High School. She spoke of how he affected the life of his students. She also represented Hardy Brown one of his closest friends and the event's honorary emcee.

E. Neal Roberts Retired Superintendent of  San Bernardino Schools told the story of how Fischer beat the odds after being told by a former boss that he could not move up in administration. He knew how it felt to be denied promotion and advancement and never forgot it.

Longtime Colton civic leader Ray Abril, voted to hire him to head up the Colton School Board. He said he found him to be a man of integrity, who put students first.

From Adelanto, Chris Van Zee represented the Superintendents in the 58 districts said that Fischer's philosophy  said, ‘bring me a problem, bring me a solution.' Because of your support we will take the hill," said Zee.

Sailing alone in a fleet is much safer that sailing alone," said Dorene Ramsey, from the San Bernardino County Teachers Association as she presented him with the Retirement Apple awarded to retiring teachers. She called him teacher focused.

"We agree with Dr. Fischer, the success of "OUR" students is designed to get best practices to the teacher," said Linda Young, Chair of the Countywide Coalition of Teacher Presidents .

State Secretary of Education Dave Long said beside Fischer being seven  months older than him, he is  an educator, and the words respect, integrity caring and trust describe him. Earlier in the day Long resigned from the position.

Fischer's Alliance for Education that includes the monthly meetings with the business community was represented by Randall Lewis, Vice President of the Lewis Group. He said Fischer was "change and hope like Obama and fights like McCain." Whether business or union Fischer is a community favorite. Bill Lathrop President of the Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties said he worked with the Union and they always supported his candidacy.

There was no group too small for Fischer he was always giving back to the community. Rev. Raymond Turner told the story of him being the commencement speaker for his two graduates at the first graduation ceremony at the Temple Learning Center.

But it was the Honorable Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent of Schools who brought the house down. Using the state's budget woes he spoke of his relationship with Fischer and then announced the proclamation from is office, he pulled out a roll of toilet paper unfolding it and began reading of the accomplishments of Fischer, he explained he could not bring the normal proclamation because the budget had not been passed or signed in Sacramento and as he finished he sneezed and destroyed the entire prop. It took five minutes for the audience to calm down.

Dr. Al Karnig actually summed up the career of the man of the hour when he said, "he excelled at everything he touched. He criss crossed San Bernardino daily---because he loves to travel," he joked. "He knew where he was going and how to sacrifice to get there. He is kind, collaborating, and shows courage in facing education challenges. He is the best Superintendent in the world!, exclaimed Karnig.

Dr. E. Neal Roberts, Dr. Herb Fischer, Ray Abril, Colton School Board, Hardy Brown, former San Bernardino School Board member.
Dr. Fischer's remarks were made to the room full of friends. He honored his wife Cheryl, calling her up be by his side to thank his audience. "I am humbled you would take your time to spend the evening with me. I am touched by the phone calls and cards and the speakers. He honored his family and the men in his life who helped him with any success he may have had, E. Neal Roberts, Ray Abril, and Hardy Brown, all life long friends as well. His life is an example of the diversity he preached.

Others on program were: The Wildcats Jazz Band, Etiwanda Intermediate School, Retired State Senator James Brulte, Al Waner, Ed.D, LaNee King, and the emcee, Kegham Tashjian, Ph.D who kept the program on time just like a drill sergeant. His threats to take the microphone added to the fun of the evening. His gift for retirement was a check for the Cheryl and Herb Fischer Scholarship Fund.

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