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“Take this Job and ……”

By Michael G. Shinn, CFP
Contributing Writer

“I retired when I was 51 years old and my son was just a sophomore in high school. One of my joys was to teach part-time at his high school and to be available for him, when he needed me,” comments Pat Jenkins a single mom and schoolteacher who retired after 30 years of teaching.

Blacks Shouldn’t Bail Democrats Out of Recall Mess

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California Governor Gray Davis, and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante have pounded Republican candidate rival Arnold Schwarzenegger for being anti-immigrant, too inexperienced, and for giving no specifics on solving the state’s budget mess.

Aging Out Foster Teens Recognized

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Las Vegas

By Cheryl Brown

The Mokae Resource Scholarship Foundation held its fifth annual gala honoring aging out foster care teens in Las Vegas, NV recently. It was unfortunate that invited guests Denzel Washington and Antwone Fisher were unable to attend and some of the audience was disappointed, that is until they heard the testimonies of the youth.

After School Program/Contest

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Hesperia, Ca. -- August 20, 2003 -- The Neel Center and Mr. Murray McKnight of Lancaster Ca. is holding a Contest to come up with a commercial for Universal Hip Hop Urban Wear.

First 5 San Bernardino’s New Health Insurance Program For Kids

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As any parent will tell you, childhood is synonymous with illnesses including ear infections, strep throat, the flu and chickenpox, to say nothing of bumps and scrapes. Most of these health problems are easily treated during a routine visit to the pediatrician. But what if you’re one of the many working families for whom doctor visits for your children are out of reach because you cannot afford health insurance or because they earn too much to qualify for Healthy Families and Medi-Cal?

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