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Law Enforcement ‘Applies The Brakes’ To Auto Thieves

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Vehicle theft is in its third year of decline in California; its largest decrease in more than 10 years.  According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) statistics, in 2008 there was a 12.2 percent decrease in the number of vehicle thefts statewide.  While the sizable shift is encouraging news for members of California’s law enforcement community, the insurance industry and vehicle owners statewide, there’s still more work to be done.

“Even with the decrease in vehicle theft, the economic loss to Californians continues to exceed $1 billion,” said CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow. “I applaud the work of our officers as well as police officers and sheriff’s deputies throughout the state to reduce the incidences of vehicle theft. With the continued efforts of California law enforcement agencies, coupled with prevention efforts by the public, we hope the numbers will continue to fall with each passing year.”

Of the 199,766 reported stolen vehicles in California last year, 86.8 percent of those vehicles were recovered.  Among the state’s 58 counties, Sierra County showed the biggest reduction in the percentage of vehicles stolen at 100 percent.

Conversely, Mono County had a 133.3 percent increase in the number of vehicles stolen last year.

Southern California continues to be a hot spot for vehicle theft.

Approximately 55.8 percent of all thefts occurred in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties.

“The cheapest form of defense is to simply employ the anti-theft devices that are standard on all vehicles: locks,” added Commissioner Farrow.  “Lock your car and take your keys.”

Additional tips to ensure your vehicle remains where you left it:

● Park in a well-lit, populated area

● Don’t warm up or leave your vehicle running unattended

● Consider a visible or audible device that alerts thieves the vehicle is protected

● Immobilizing devices prevent thieves from bypassing the ignition and hotwiring a vehicle

Tracking devices can be very effective in helping authorities recover stolen vehicles Honda and Toyota models continue to be popular among car thieves;

Toyota has consistently ranked as the most frequently stolen pickup truck since 1984.

Counting All Californians in 2010

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The California Complete Count Committee, the U.S. Census Bureau regional and key leaders and expert panelists gathered at Central Park Rancho Cucamonga Hall for a Regional Convening.

The regional convening is the fourth of twenty held across the state designed to bring community based organizations, business leaders and individuals together to ensure all Californians are fairly counted in 2010. An interactive workshop included the following discussion items: determine where local Questionnaire Assistance Centers (QAC’s) should be located to assist those who need help filling out their forms, identify the trusted leaders in the community, learn where residents get their information and discuss ideas and recommendations on reaching the hard to count people.  “I am pleased that the state and federal government are engaging the community on the importance of the Census. I walked away know just how important the census is to our community. Getting this message to the hard to count communities will help increase the response rate” said Dina Walker, President of Blue Educational Services.

Expert panelists included:

·        Manny Lopez, Radio Owner/VP Director of Marketing, Dos Costas Communications Corporation (Hispanic Radio Network)

·        Pastor Emory B. James, Ephesians New Testament United Holy Church

·        Dina Walker, BLU Educational Foundation

·        Ted Furlow, Director of Planning, San Bernardino Catholic Diocese

·        Ramsey Sam, Executive

Director, Asian-American Center “These convenings are at the heart of developing an outreach strategy that works,” Director Ditas Katague said. “We need to reach out and visit each community and identify who the community trusts and where we can place questionnaire assistance centers (QACs). We know that in order to count the nearly 40 million people in California, we must tailor a strategy that both reflects the diversity and is sensitive to the uniqueness of our population.” The meeting concluded with a community networking lunch and a U.S. Census Training on “Starting a Complete Count Committee”.  The California Complete County Committee will work in close partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau to leverage federal resources at the statewide level and coordinate outreach in the most effective ways possible.  The decennial Census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution and participation is required by law. The questionnaire for the upcoming 2010 Census will be one of the shortest in the history: just 10 questions that will take only 10 minutes to complete.  All responses are kept strictly confidential.

A Celebration Honoring Jesus Christ In Marriage to be Held

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A celebration honoring Jesus Christ in marriage will be held on Saturday, July 23 at Christian Life Center, 9085 California Street in Riverside located on the corner of Jackson and California. will begin at 6 p.m.

Rev. Arthur Forbes, or the Riverside Christian Family Fellowship has been evangelizing in the area for several years and as he thought about his own upcoming celebration of 54 years of marriage to his wife Gertherine, God gave him an idea. Celebrate marriage.

Using Hebrews 13:4 the Living Bible Translation says, Give honor to marriage and remain faithful to one another in marriage.  God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery,” the idea took shape.

The celebration is not exclusive to people who are married. It is for anyone who wants to lift up marriage.  Singles, divorced, widowed anyone who still believes in marriage, there is a reason to celebrate.

“We will be ministering to people who have fallen short and need forgiveness. If you have fallen short Jesus will forgive and give you the victory,” said Rev. Forbes.

Grammy Winning Jazz Sensation Poncho Sanchez to Headline Downtown Street Jam

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Downtown Street Jam is a new free concert series that was launched in April of this year. The kick-off event drew an estimated 2,500 people to downtown Riverside and was dubbed—“biggest outdoor musical event since the Orange Blossom Festival” by The Press-Enterprise.  The purpose of the event is to attract people through free live music and showcase the many offerings in historic downtown Riverside.

Downtown Street Jam is sponsored and hosted by Riverside Downtown Partnership (RDP) and downtown businesses Mission Tobacco Lounge, Lake Alice, Worthington’s Tavern, Mario’s Place, and Menagerie/Delights & Invites.  Additional sponsors include the City of Riverside and Anheuser-Busch.  Though the original intent was to host Downtown Street Jam every Second Saturday of the month, it was decided to restructure the event to three times a year to feature large name headline acts. One such enormously talented artist, Grammy Award winning Latin Jazz sensation Poncho Sanchez, will be the headliner performing at the Downtown Street Jam on Saturday, September 12th. This will be one of the most anticipated events in the region since Sanchez has not performed in downtown Riverside since 2001 at RDP’s former ‘Concerts at the Courthouse’ where he drew more than 5,000 attendees. The outdoor concert will take place at the intersection of Orange and Ninth streets off of University Avenue from with performances by local bands and family entertainment from 2-6:00 p.m. and headliner from 7-8:30 p.m.

Downtown Street Jam is free and open to the public.

There will be no vendors at the concert venue to encourage attendees to patronize local restaurants and shops while they’re downtown enjoying the concert.

For more information about Downtown Street Jam call Natasha Ferguson at (951) 341-6550 or visit  www.RiversideDowntown.org


RPU Reminds Customers To Conserve Power During High Temperatures

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As triple digit temperatures continue to heat up the city, Riverside Public Utilities’ electric customers should conserve energy whenever and wherever possible this summer, especially during peak demand hours (noon to 8 p.m.).

“If everyone makes an effort to conserve at home and at work, it will help maintain system reliability and operations,” said Riverside Public Utilities’ General Manager David H.  Wright.

Simple steps customers can take to stay cool and conserve power at home include:

Setting thermostats to 78 degrees or higher – For every two degrees increase on a thermostat, customers could reduce cooling costs by about 5 percent.

Cool with fans - Using electric fans and ceiling fans use less energy than air conditioning units and offer good air circulation and cooling.  Use appliances during off-peak hours - Using major appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, ranges and air conditioners during off-peak hours (8 p.m. to noon), can dramatically reduce the demands on the city’s electrical power reserves.

Close doors to rooms that are not occupied.

Plant shade trees and shrubs near the air conditioner unit, but not blocking the airflow – a shaded unit uses as much as 10 percent less electricity.  Keep refrigerators and freezers at the proper temperature – extreme cold settings use more energy.  Clean refrigerator coils at least once a year, and make sure there is a space between the wall and the unit.  Install energy-efficient lighting or compact fluorescent lights.  Close drapes to keep out the hot daytime sun. Sunny windows make air conditioners work two to three times harder.

Change air conditioner filters regularly.  Dirty filters cause air conditioning systems to work harder than necessary and use more energy.  For more conservation tips and information on our many energysaving rebate programs, call (951) 826-5485 or visit http://www.riversidepublicutilities.com/.

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