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Just Being Cordial

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Flipping the hair, touching someone as you laugh, staring into their eyes, a casual smile, or a wink of the eye. These are some of the things that we consider flirting but we all do them.

This leads me to wonder what’s the difference between flirting and just being cordial? How do we know when flirting has gone too far? If we are involved with someone is it still okay to flirt?

This is probably a question that has been lingering around for years. In some countries women are more than ridiculed by their whole community for looking another man in the eyes. In our society flirting is looked upon as something that is just as casual as saying hello. Think about it; if there is only you and a person of the opposite sex in an elevator, it’s almost expected to trade smiles or give some kind of gesture in acknowledgement.

If someone smiles at you it could be considered rude not to respond, the same goes for conversation. When someone starts to talk to you it’s only right that you talk back to him or her. So when we are in a relationship, how are we supposed to stop the day-to-day routine of flirting?

In my mind, flirting isn’t that bad at all. As long as is stays at flirting; once it crosses the line into something else is when the problems arise. General flirting is harmless when you are in a solid relationship. It’s a victimless act that can only be harmful if there is insecurity floating around between partners. Insecurity can cause a whole lot of things to go wrong. Usually when people have a problem with flirting it’s because they are insecure. Knowing that your relationship is strong usually is enough to outweigh the negative thoughts that surround flirting.

After all flirting is one of the least things to worry about in a relationship. We all do it to a certain extent, most of the time it can be looked upon as just being cordial.

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