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Mother Knows Best

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From the time we were born we’ve always depended on our mothers to lead us the right way. We always believed everything they would say to us. They were there to protect us and we knew that they would at any cost. Then suddenly we grow up and we start to see our mothers as people. We still know that they are our mothers but now we see what kind of people they are. Being older also allows us to see that they sometimes don’t always give the best advice.

You’ve grown up and you notice the difference but they don’t. They still feel like they have to protect you and tell you what to do. Mothers have a hard time letting go or keeping their noses out of our business. Most of them think they have to give us their advice or meddle in our affairs.

My cousin Kay is having a problem, with her mother. Her mother seems to think that she knows more about Kay’s life than Kay. She’s always makes comments about Kay’s boyfriend; saying she isn’t ready for that kind of relationship and they shouldn’t be together.

Her mother also continuously makes comments about Kay’s career choices and spending habits. It’s gotten to the point that it is now irritating and hard to understand. Her mother is going as far as conveying her feelings about Kay’s relationship with her boyfriend. Telling him that Kay isn’t mature enough for this and he could do better.

She even made remarks to him on Kay’s past relationships and things she has done in the past. It’s almost as if her mother is out to destroy her life. This whole situation leaves us trying to figure out if her mother is really looking out for Kay’s best interest or if she is jealous of the way Kay’s life is going.
Almost every time Kay has great news about things that are going on in her life, her mother always has to be pessimistic.

She’s quick to say that she’s only protecting Kay’s heart but that’s hard to believe. It’s getting to a point that her advice is poisonous. We know that her mother loves her but we just think that she needs to let go. Mothers are naturally very caring and we think that Kay’s progression is making her mother feel like she isn’t needed. Somehow her mother is unconsciously trying to keep Kay dependent on her.

We know that her mother loves her and cares for her very much but we know that Kay has to take her advice with a grain of salt. That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that Mother doesn’t always know best.

Sometimes Mother only knows as much or less than you do. Then there are times Mother knows what’s best for her.

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