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Taking the easy shots

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Most of us look at pool as more than just a game of skill. The art of shooting a good pool game takes skill, cunning, timing and a little luck. Shooting pool evolved from a form of french croquet (played on the lawn) a ball (or bille, hence the title billiards) would be shoved around the field by wooden maces.

The game was then moved inside, but to keep the connection to the lawn, the game was played on a table covered with green cloth to represent grass. The strategy of the game is the first player to hit his/her seven balls (solid or striped) into the pocket before their opponent wins.

This past Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend was out at a social hour playing a game of pool. After losing several games in frustration, she asked “why am I not making the shots?” Her date said -- as he shot in the eight ball -- "because you keep taking the easy shots.”

This statement made me wonder, when taking the easy shots in a relationship does that keep us as the underdog at finding the right person? Finding the right person, as in pool, takes skill, cunning and timing. What many singles end up doing, however, is abandoning the challenge of the game in an attempt to go for the easy ones. We often forget that searching for the right person takes more than just luck. Like a good game of billiards, you need strategy. Randomly shooting toward the pocket will not make you a champion.

Winners rely on particular attributes that are not easy or random: perseverance, discipline, discernment, and honesty.

So the next time you’re looking for a relationship, think about my girlfriend’s billiard game and don’ t go for the easy shots. Rethink your strategy.

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