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Spencer for Hire :: Are We the Prey? My answer

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Okay, over the last 3 weeks I asked one single question. Are we the prey? It was a question I really should not be asking but a reality we all should know. With respect to my elders and this publication, I can only answer this one-way “hell yeah”! I’ve seen too many things in my 30 something years to believe otherwise.

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

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After having a discussion with a few of my friends I left with some vital information. All three of the men there thought that women read into what they say too much. One said “women can make a whole book out of a sentence.”

Stylish Slumber Parties ... The Inn Thing To Do!

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Pacific Grove

Remember when slumber parties meant sleeping bags, root beer floats, limitless hours of laughter and light-hearted conversation? Life seemed simple, focused on fashion, friendship and the new guy in town.

Spencer for Hire :: Are We The Prey? Part 3: Purchase

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Once again we’re back with the third part of Predatory Lending, Sub-prime loans and racial disparity among borrowers. Before we begin, I need to address a few areas you may not be aware of, but are crucial to our existence as homeowners. I covered the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) implemented by Regulation C a few weeks ago. Here are three other very important terms and regulations I will touch on and encourage you to research. Coincidently, I plan to cover these areas more in depth after this series.

Kissing The Frog

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Cinderella’s man searched a whole kingdom just to find her. Snow White’s man didn’t lose interest because she had too many male friends. Sleeping Beauty’s (a woman in a coma) man brought her to life with his love. Even Beauty’s man, who was a beast, became a prince in the end.

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