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Five Tips to Handle Dating Rejection

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Rejection is a roadblock to relationships, but it can be overcome, even if you're super shy. Despite attempts to be friendly, complimentary, conversational, even witty, do you still find yourself dealing with dating rejection?

Dating Has a New Definition

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By Terry Heggy

Dating can mean many things, from a casual meeting between two new friends to a secluded rendezvous between lovers. In fact, dating is anything two people do to spend time with each other.

Spencer for Hire :: Home Loan Options: 15-, 20- and 30-Year

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When most people buy a home, they resign themselves to making a mortgage payment each month for the next 30 years. Fortunately, there are alternatives to this common scenario thank to the growing availability of shorter-term home loans. With historically low interest rates, home buyers have more loan options than ever.

Just Being Cordial

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Flipping the hair, touching someone as you laugh, staring into their eyes, a casual smile, or a wink of the eye. These are some of the things that we consider flirting but we all do them.

Marigolds Just Might Save Your Sight -- and Your Skin and Heart Too

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There’s a whole new meaning for “flower power.” Imagine the brilliant marigold helping to maintain healthy eyes, skin and arteries. In fact, there’s no need to imagine. It is happening now. People shouldn’t rush out and start eating floral bouquets. But there is an important biochemical quality within this plant that nutritional and medical science is now harnessing after years of research.

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