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Spencer for Hire :: Cash-out Refinancing

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I get tons of emails, questions and letters from our community and I would like to start addressing them at least once a month in the hope that I can help people out there that might be going through the same issues. I will leave out names and cities for the purpose of anonymity.

It Is What It Is

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While sitting in a restaurant, I overheard some men talking. “Women are just like cars”. When I heard that my ears automatically stood at attention. I wanted to know how the comparisons were made. I heard all kinds of weird things like: “they need their oil changed every 3,000 miles”, we gotta give tune-ups”.

The Music Compact Disc Celebrates a Major Milestone; CD Turns 20

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The year 1983 made a significant mark on American pop culture. Mohawks were in fashion along with stonewashed jeans, long t-shirts and leg warmers. Cabbage Patch dolls and Rubik’s Cubes were the must have toys. “Every Breath You Take” by The Police topped the Billboard chart, and compact discs first hit the shelves at the local music store. Twenty years later, most of those fads have gone by the wayside.

Spencer for Hire :: Reverse It

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What is a Mortgage? In the mortgage industry, we define it as: “a loan to finance the purchase of real estate, usually with specified payment periods and interest rates.

The Forgivers

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By Urban Chic Reader John Gordon

I can recall the constant rambling of surveys asking Black men who dated outside their race, the number one reason for doing so. This question was without hesitation, answered as follows, "Sisters are too bossy.", They just want my money.", Sisters are bitter and have a chip on their shoulder."

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