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All Men Aren’t Dogs

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Submitted by Urban Chic reader James Hicks

All too often we hear what all men want from women, or how all men are the same, “they’re all looking for the same thing.” Contrary to popular opinion, there are some good men in the world, but they are not up in the club. I for one have more respect for anyone with whom I spend a great deal of time with, especially when it comes to women.

Money Matters: How Newlyweds Can Avoid Conflicts about Cash

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Couples should learn how to work together and trust each other’s judgment.

Starting a life together is one of the most exciting times in a newlywed couple’s life; yet disagreements over money matters can strain even the strongest of marriages.

Spencer for Hire :: Realtor Experts Speak on Buyer’s Questions

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I have the great privilege and pleasure of conducting business with 3 of the most influential and professional African American Realtors in the Inland Empire on a daily basis:

Mike Teer Jr from Teer One Properties Inc, Andy Cleaves from Century 21 and Hennie Jones from National Realty Group.

These individuals are the best at their chosen fields and are number one in their respective companies.


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I remember being young and watching cartoons about cavemen. It used to amaze me how the man would just take a club and hit the woman over the head, she would see stars, and then he would drag her off. Now that I’m older I am even more amazed that they showed this to children. The crazy thing about it is that there is actually some link between today and the caveman mentality depicted in cartoons.

SIZZLING SUMMER ‘DO’S Hair Trends for Fun in the Sun

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Get out the beach wear! Rev up the grill! School is out, sandals are in and it’s time to party, party, party! The fashion and beauty trend for summer 2003 is back to nature. Clothing features soft pastels or wildly geometric prints reminiscent of the 70’s, with off-the-shoulder, strapless and halter top, crop pants and miniskirts, pencil-thin short dresses.

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