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Urban Chic

Finer than Faux and Flawless! Decorating With Wallpaper

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By Jaima Brown

No wonder faux finishing is a popular look for walls. Anyone who has visited a decorator showhouse or a home in which the walls have been artfully completed by a master painter can hardly help but be impressed with the stunning effect these techniques impart.

Spencer for Hire :: Hard Times

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Spencer, we have hit hard times in our household. We aren’t sure what to do about out mortgage payment. We really need your help. Thank you for writing. Without knowing the full details of your financial situation, here is the best answer I came up with to help you and your family.

The Young And The Urban, Black America's Favorite Daytime Show, Three Decades and Going

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By John Gordon
UC Staff Writer

Upon stepping on the set, I had an immediate feeling of comfort, and recognition. With the exception of the cameras, directors, producers, and grips, I was at home, my "second home" of Genoa City, which I visit, Monday through Friday when I watch the Young and the Restless.

Pamper Yourself for Better Health

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ARA Content

Can a bubble bath reduce your risk of heart disease? Could a manicure ease your asthma symptoms or a soothing massage prevent your next cold? Simple, stress-reducing activities could have a positive impact on your health.


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As women we are classified as nurturers. We are looked upon as the emotional caregivers. While these are good qualities to be known for; it can also be a burden. It seems as if we are not only supposed to give this kind of care giving to our children, but also to our mates. It seems as if human males is the only species that is in search of another caretaker once they are detached from their mothers.

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