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Urban Chic

New Faculty Members Bring Skills, Artistry to UC Riverside

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New faculty members at UC Riverside include 20 new professors in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences who have wide-ranging interests, from hip-hop theater to Native American Studies, to Southeast Asian Studies, to writing award-winning fiction.

Training Your Dog :: What About Fear Aggression?

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By Paul Reedy

Fear Aggression can be deceiving because it may not look like the dog is fearful at all. It may look like the dog is vicious. An example would be you and your dog are out for a walk. A strange man approaches you from the opposite direction. The dog sees the man and begins to bark and snarl until the man has walked by and is no longer in sight.

A Q&A With Lil' Romeo

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Lil’ Romeo has his own TV show! Check out Romeo! a new TV show staring Lil Romeo on Saturday’s at 8:30PM on Nickelodeon! We caught up with Romeo at work on the set of his show in Vancouver, Canada.

Training Your Dog :: Territorial and Fear Aggression

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By Paul Reedy

This week in our series on aggression, I would like to talk about two of its most common forms.

Territorial and fear.

Get a Jump on Next Summer’s Backyard Entertaining by Starting Deck Construction Now

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Autumn may signal the end of summer to some, but to others it’s just an early start to the next summer season. The kids are back in school, the chaise lounges have been stored away, and the garden flowers are losing their petals -- it’s time to strap on the tool belt and fire up the table saw.

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