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Urban Chic

Unlimited Financial Solutions Helping Families Achieve the American Dream

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Moreno Valley

By Tonica Lucas

If you are looking to purchase or refinance a home why not go “where everything is done decent and in order.” Unlimited Financial Solutions can help you achieve the goal of homeownership or refinancing.

Training Your Dog :: Dominance and Predatory Aggression?

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By Paul Reedy

This week in our series on aggression. I would like to continue by discussing the next two areas on this subject. Dominance and predatory aggression.

Deck the Table This Thanksgiving

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You’ve remembered the turkey and trimmings, the pies and cakes, and the potatoes galore, so take the time to set a gorgeous holiday table worthy of all those hours of work.

Spencer for Hire :: Credit Card Rates Can Be Increased If Your Credit Score Dips

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A man discovered that his interest rate on his MasterCard jumped from 6.2% to 16.99%, nearly tripling. He asked the credit card issuer why, noting that he had always paid the account on time and he kept within his credit limits.

Training Your Dog :: What About Fear Aggression?

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By Paul Reedy

Fear Aggression can be deceiving because it may not look like the dog is fearful at all.

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