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Urban Chic

Salvage Our Children

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By Richard O. Jones - Part 1 of 6

Do you find the constant barrage of negative statistics regarding Blacks, young males in particular, discouraging? If you are a moral person, your likely answer is yes. Reading and listening to a continual flow of discouraging news about a subject dear to your heart will either render you depressed or apathetic.

How to Host a Super Bowl Party

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By Lillian Vernon

When Super Bowl XXXVIII is broadcast live from Houston’s Reliant Stadium on Sunday, February 1, 2004, millions of football fans worldwide will eagerly tune in for an afternoon of exciting pre-game fun followed by an evening of great football, revelry, refreshments, and friendly rivalry.

Sabrina Collins Say's "Face Your Body" with all Natural Line of Homemade Products

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To see Sabrina Collins, one would imagine her a recent transplant from some exotic island. Her glowing dreadlocks, glistening skin and sensual scent belie any indication of aging, children or city living. As the creator of "Face Your Body Aromatherapy -- Healing for the Mind, Body, Spirit" her aura sells and tells it all.

Spencer for Hire :: A Handshake

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Remember when your word and a handshake was all it took? That was all you needed to trust an individual and be assured that a job would be completed to your satisfaction. No contracts, no agreements, no doubting of character or intentions.

The Group Honors Five Community Citizens

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By Cheryl Brown

The Group honored five high achieving individuals at the community based organization’s Second Annual Community Awards Breakfast held at the Canyon Crest Country Club last week.

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