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Urban Chic

Walter Latham kicks off “Latham Entertainment Presents” tour

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Walter Latham, producer of the hit concert films “The Original Kings of Comedy” directed by Spike Lee, and “Queens of Comedy,” Showtime’s highest rated special last year, announces his upcoming tour with his next wave of comic finds.

Just Whitney

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With over 120 million albums and 50 million singles sold worldwide, Whitney Houston has already established an unparalleled legacy for herself.

The Art of the Bath

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Not only is a bath used for relaxation, a bath could also be used for medical purposes. Throughout the classical period, bathing was thought to promote general good health and longevity.

UC Chit Chat

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Urban Chic is a way for urban professionals to get good information on health, finances, and urban enterprise, as well as learn where to find fun and exciting things to do in the Inland Empire.

Urban Golf Gear Sported by “Soul Food” Cast

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Last season, “Soul Food,” the popular African American drama series, returned to the SHOWTIME cable channel lineup for its third sensational season.

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