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Urban Chic

10 Reasons Urban Professionals Should Partner With Nonprofits

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(ARA) - Every day nonprofit organizations are accomplishing miracles. They work tirelessly to weave community safety nets and strive to provide basic human needs often in the form of housing, food, education and employment.

So Fresh So Clean

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When you’re wearing a suit it develops a certain confidence within, like you can conquer the world. You’re David, and the world is Goliath and the suit is your armor.

Lee Gives Up the Law and Stars with Lawrence in National Security

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Los Angeles

Robinne Lee joins Martin Lawrence in the hilarious, action-packed comedy National Security, also starring Steve Zahn and opening nationwide on January 17th.

Christmas Day Golf Classic

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San Bernardino

Adopt and Bike and Adopt a Computer held their first Annual Christmas Day Golf Classic at the San Bernardino Golf Course on Christmas Day, 2002.

UC Chit Chat

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Urban Chic is a outlet for Urban Professionals to obtain information on things they know and things they think they want to know.

- Anthony Roberson, San Bernardino

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