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Urban Chic

Well’s Broken Trust

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Spencer Holman

If you haven't been under a huge rock for the last few weeks, you probably heard about the recent catastrophic discoveries in the mortgage lending industry (if not, call or email me and I'll send you a copy of some articles).

Urban Chit Chat :: Rate Yourself

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Where do you fall on the scale? Whether you’re a 1 or 10, or even average, can you still attract an above average guy/girl?

Make Sure the Medicines You Take are Right for You

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Navigating through your health plan benefits can be confusing. Adding to the confusion is that you may be noticing benefit differences from the year before.

These Three Words

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By Anthony Roberson

In a relationship, when is the right time to say I LOVE YOU? I wish the words were as sweet and simple as Stevie Wonder sings.

Urban Chit Chat

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Regina Brown

Love, what a great topic to start off the month of February. Crazy as it may sound I had a conversation with a friend last week.

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