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Spencer for Hire :: Buy Your Home and Fix It Up- All With One Loan

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You finally did it, after all that praying; budgeting and penny pinching you finally have the opportunity to buy your very first house. Off you go looking for your dream home, but do not make the mistake of passing up what many real estate agents call a “fixer-upper” – you know a neglected house on an otherwise nice street, or an older home with lots of charm, but an impossibly ancient kitchen, because you feel cash is tight, and you may worry about whether you can afford the expense of renovation after you have closed your loan.

Urban Chit Chat :: Daydreaming or Dreaming

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One of my old college buddies called me the other day with a major concern. Her concern was that although she has been involved in a relationship for the past 8 months, she has begun to dream about another man.

The Conversation Piece for Any Room :: Sectional sofas add flexibility and elegance to any room

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(ARA) - Moving into the forefront of today's hottest home furnishing styles are the sophisticated new looks of the sectional sofa.

Spencer for Hire :: Mi Casa es Su Casa

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Real estate professionals play a major role in the home buying process and should be chosen with great care. Before working with a real estate agent, get preapproved for a loan through your mortgage lender of choice.


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