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Urban Chic

A Virtual Graduation and a Real Degree

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(ARA) - Like a lot of other MBA students, Carla Wright-Jukes will be celebrating her graduation this spring. But unlike most, her commencement exercises -- from the keynote speaker, to the degree conferment, to the reception -- will be held online via Webcast. Wright-Jukes, 43, is graduating from Jones International University (JIU), the first fully online, accredited university.

Grading On The Curve

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A friend of mine has a problem. He doesn’t know if what he does should be considered cheating. Here’s the situation: His girlfriend is upset to find out that he communicates with a lot of other women who have no idea she exists. He wanted to know if I would consider this cheating. In a confused, why wouldn’t I, tone of voice I said “absolutely”.

Spencer for Hire :: Keeping It Humble

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With my mom and dad both dedicating their lives to their respective communities, I guess it was only fitting that I did the same. My dad served the city of New York for over 30 years before having a stroke in 2001. It was an honor to be by his side in his time of need and a pleasure to watch the many people of his community come to the hospital to wish him well.

Why do men always have an answer for everything?

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Have you ever noticed that when you are in a relationship or even have male friends that men have an answer for everything? I’m not sure of the answer to this question but maybe my reader’s can help me. why do men have an answer FOR everything?

Casual or Corporate -- Looking Your Best in a 9 to 5 World

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(ARA) - Almost all fashion experts agree, when we walk in a room, we’re judged within the first few seconds -- not by our shining personalities or bright minds --but by what we’re wearing.

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