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Playboy Jazz Festival Presents a Free Jazz Concert in Watts

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Seniors will celebrate the legendary big band sounds of swing when the Playboy Jazz Festival presents the Los Angeles Multi-School Jazz Band in a free, community concert at the Bradley Senior Center Friday, May 7th. The event will be held from 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. in Phoenix Hall, located at 10950 South Central Avenue, across from the Bradley Senior Center.

Put on a Memorable Wedding without Spending a Small Fortune

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A wedding is perhaps the most expensive endeavor many people will ever face. Some couples get lucky and the bride’s parents agree to pick up all the expenses, but more often, the bride and groom are footing at least a portion of the bill themselves.

It’s Mom’s Day to Shine -- Play to Her Strengths

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She’ll never forget the breakfast in bed you served her last year on Mother’s Day -- or the kitchen cleanup she did later! While she knows your heart was in the right place, this year try something that’s pure pleasure for her.

Creating a Safe Bath Environment for the Entire Family

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Tips for Preventing Accidents in the Bath Without Sacrificing Style

“Safety in the bath.” When most people see these four words, they think of two age groups: seniors and children. However, creating a safe bath environment is equally important for every member of your family.

Spotlight on an Urban Professional :: Local Nurse Honored for Charity Work

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Sonya Evans, RN, has recently received notable recognition from her patients, peers, and the academic community for her leadership and exemplary work as a pediatric nurse at Childrens Hospital in Loma Linda, as well as her role in co-founding The Unforgettables Foundation in 2000.

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