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Lakers Ready To Defend Title

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By G. Montgomery, Staff Writer –

Just three seasons ago the buzz at media day was whether Kobe would attend? After a summer of discontent, the scribes were going crazy with Kobe drama. Throughout the summer Kobe had made it clear to everyone listening that the Jig was up.

If the team didn’t get him some help, he would be forced to take off for greener pastures. Fortunately, the Lakers’ management listened and start ed going after some quality players to help out their talented superstar.

No one has explained what the exact motives were during that very sad three year period of Lakers’ lethargy but thankfully they got over it and put one of sport’s most storied franchises back on track to winning titles again. Which brings us to this past Saturday’s media day event.

A mere three seasons later and the Lakers have made three NBA Finals appearances and come away with two titles.

Thank goodness they listened to Kobe and not those talk radio jokers who were calling for a mega trade. All is well again in Lakers land.

The 2010-11 pre-season roster is as strong as ever. New additions Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and Theo Ratliff appear to be upgrades at their respective positions and depending on who makes the final team; this could be a deeper team than last year’s championship squad.

The Lakers will get in a few days of practice and then head out to begin their preseason exhibition commitment with games in London and Barcelona before returning home.

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