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“Fitness American” Competition; Life Lesson

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The World of Body building offers more than just muscles

Los Angles

By Gary Montgomery

To the layman, the world of bodybuilding looks like one big sweaty mass of wheat shake drinking, high oiled, glossy muscular folks looking for someone to admire their bulk.

If your impression of bodybuilding is similar to mine you should attend one of the many bodybuilding and fitness competitions held throughout the Southland. While recently attending a competition at Fairfax High School I learned that there’s so much more to this group of athletes than one would ever imagine.

The competition sponsored by “Fitness America” showcased at least a dozen fitness and bodybuilding categories with contestants ranging in age from twenty something’s to their late sixties. There were mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers competing in their respective divisions.

Contestants strutted and posed for the panel of judges proudly showcasing their chiseled bodies. I can assure that after attending one these competition you will never feel the same about apple pie a la mode.

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