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Young, Was Longhorn's Glory Road

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BVN Staff

As the clock wound down o­n USC’s final attempt to win the Rose Bowl and capture and unprecedented third national championship I found myself torn between conflicting emotions. Wanting to see USC reach the pentacle of success and at the same time silently rooting for Vince Young to deliver another o­ne of his many come from behind victories.


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The Perris Pathers have been o­ne of the most consistent girls basketball programs in the area for years.  o­n Friday night the Panthers handed the young Vista del Lago Ravens a preview of where they want to get to.

Cucamonga’s Collison Helping Bruins Measure Up!

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O­nly o­ne year after leading his Etiwanda team to a State Championship, Darren Collison provided the Bruins with some well needed  minutes.  UCLA has had more than its share of injuries this season to contend with.  Missing Josh Shipp and Cedric Bozeman for much of the season, the Bruins have relied heavily of Cucamonga’s Collison.

BCS Bowling for dollars

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I like the present NCAA college bowl game formats. In today’s reality world, where someone has to win – at any cost - and there needs to be a loser o­n the ground with a foot o­n its throat, it’s no wonder many want to see the NCAA college bowl games diminished even further to implement a playoff that would produce o­ne national champion. I say poppycock!

"Glory Road" - It Was Real

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Los Angeles

By Earl Heath - Rita Long

The recently released "Glory Road" is based o­n the 1966 NCAA Championship Basketball Finals. It was a time when Don Haskins, coach of Texas Western (now University of Texas - El Paso) started five Black players and beat Adolph Rupp's all white Kentucky team. The game was o­ne of the o­nes that would help improve race relations in all sports. The film was made by legendary Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

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