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'Steppers of God' March at San Bernardino Black History Parade

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By Naomi Parks, Brandy Pless and Brittany Pless –

For the 5th consecutive year, the ‘Steppers of God’ drill team from Crossover Outreach, honored their community by participating in this year’s Black History Parade.

The parade route began on E street and proceeded to 4th street in downtown San Bernardino. Several drill teams came together from the greater San Bernardino area to honor the legacies of African Americans who impacted our history and made positive change for all of us.

“As members of the Steppers of God, we learn that it’s so much more than winning parades and competition. It’s a sisterhood. Some of the people who helped to train and encouraged us are, Lady April Jones (director), Dalia Mcneil (instructor) and Stormi Jones (Head Captain). We would just like to thank them for their support and for all of the help we received along the way,” states Naomi, Brandy, and Britany.

This year’s Black History parade has been a wonderful learning experience for the drill team. As African Americans, they appreciate all of the fellow African American people who have blazed the trail, suffered, and sacrificed for them.

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