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Prayer Requests

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I pray that each and every one of you are having fantabulous and safe days.

This PRAYER REQUEST is for my pastor. Most of you have met Pastor Larry Campbell, some of you haven't. Our pastors need uplifting, too. He gives so much of himself. These last few weeks he has had to deal with several deaths at St. Paul. On this Tuesday, we will have homegoing services for one of his associate ministers.

These people were very dear to him. Pray that God will continue to keep him strong during these days. I thank God for his wife Melinda, that he will give her the right words to say. Our Assistant Pastor, Rev. Benjamin Ingraham is very ill. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as well.

This has been a sad few weeks for the St. Paul Family, but we know that God has a good sound reason for the things He allows to happen.

God's Blessings to all,

Jonia Osborne