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Rose Parker is Free At Last – 20 Years Later

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State of California: Board of Prison Terms & Department of Corrections CORRECT Error and Release Former Battered Woman from Lifetime Parole


INJUSTICE:  After 20 Years Parker Faced Another Setback:
The State of California sentenced Rose Parker to LIFETIME Parole o­n December 9, 2005, after she completed the five years as required o­n December 7, 2005.  Believing the state was breaking the law, Rose hired an attorney, Keith Whatley, from San Raphael who researched the law, wrote a letter to the Board of Prison Terms ordering them to discharge Rose immediately. And, o­n Thursday, March 16, 2006 over 3 months later, accompanied by family and friends, Rose went to the Rialto/Fontana parole Unit and officially received the legal documentation that read she was officially discharged o­n March 13, 2006.

On March 27, 1986, Rose’s former boyfriend stalked her, came to her home with several firearms, and held her and her children hostage in her home for four days.  “How could someone come to your house with guns, attack you, and when you defend yourself and family, they put you in prison?”  Rose’s brother came to Rose’s house to rescue her, pregnant Rose grabbed the gun and fired o­ne shot, her brother was wounded and her former boyfriend was dead.  Rose was convicted of 1st Degree murder.  The Appellate Court modified the decision to 2nd Degree and Rose continued to pursue her injustice.

Rose Parker has been waiting o­n her “Pardon” since 1996 when former Governor Pete Wilson was in office. o­n September 25, 2000 former Governor Gray Davis released the following statements concerning Rose Parker: “On rare occasions we must give weight not o­nly to extraordinary and compelling circumstance, but to legal defenses adopted in law since the original verdict. There is no question that Rose Ann Parker believed she was in imminent danger of losing her life, as well as that of her two-year son and her unborn child”  He also stated that Rose’s case had all the characteristics of battered women syndrome, a now legally recognized defense that was not available at the time of her trial.  However, Davis failed to actually pardon Rose before he left office.

Released o­n parole o­n December 7, 2000, Rose was advised that 2005 was the controlling date, and that she would be discharged.  o­n December 7, 2005, Rose was discharged off parole, as was the correct procedure.  Two days later, Parker was advised that the department heads stated that it was a mistake for her to be discharged and that she had to stay o­n parole for life.  Rose was hurt, shocked and angry stating, “How could they not pardon me, make me believe I was off parole and tell me I have life o­n parole?”  Parker, who had several speaking engagements out of the country pending until January 2006 was concerned that if she immediately went out of the country when she received the discharge card, because she has invitations to Spain, Liberia and Kenya, “would they have tried to put me in prison?” The answer is yes.

Dr. Rose Parker has done tremendous work in the U.S., State and in her own community.  She has received an honorary doctorate of Divinity October 2003.  She completed two years and received a certificate in Biblical Studies at the Rock Church School of Ministry with Pastors Jim & Debra Cobrae, and after earning several other degrees, Rose finally received her earned Doctorate in Christian Education and Counseling.  She completed training in Community Health Outreach, Behavior Modification Education and Domestic & Family Violence, with additional emphasis o­n Child and elderly abuse.

Rose has received numerous awards, certificates of appreciation for her work and contributions.  She received the 4th Humanitarian Award from the National Defense League in 2001.  She presently is the administrator and o­ne of the instructors at the Church of All Nations and the Kingdom of God Bible Institute.  She speaks all over the U.S. about the effects of Domestic Violence, the characteristics of an abuser and abusive relationships; she is also an inspirational and motivational speaker.  She is founder of Saving Our Women Outreach, a domestic/family violence resource, crisis, education, intervention, and prevention non-profit organization.

Rose made sure her own sons graduated from high school after she was released and continues to be a role model for her own family as well, especially her elderly father Rev. Dr. Emanuel January who just celebrated his 88th birthday.

A Victory Release Celebration will be held in Rose’s honor o­n Sunday, March 26, 2006 at the Church of All Nations, 1700 West Highland Ave. San Bernardino, CA  92411 beginning at 3:00 p.m. We invite all those who would like to honor this great woman of FAITH, that even after 20 years of abuse by the system still believes in miracles.

A press conference will be held o­n Friday, March 24, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at the Church of All Nations, 1700 West Highland, in San Bernardino. Rose will address the injustices involving the state and legal system.  All those organizations that question the actions and decisions of our legal system, prisons etc. are invited to speak.  Help us help those that still face INJUSTICE.

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