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Farrakhan States Bible and Qur’an Coming to Life

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The Bible and Holy Qur'an are coming to life before our eyes as the world watches President George W. Bush stumble over his greed, arrogance and pride as he thumbs his nose at the world community in his desire to kill or otherwise eliminate Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Pres. Bush's actions and utterances clearly remind us of the ancient examples of Babylon, Rome and Pharaoh's Egypt, powerful cities that now are mere reminders of how God used His power to destroy them.

President Bush, as stated by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in his Feb. 23 Saviours' Day message, is spiritually blind and is sentencing this country to death. Clearly, the Honorable Minister now is not alone in his thinking.

Millions of anti-war demonstrators continue to raise their collective voice against the war. South African freedom fighter Winnie Mandela has signed on as a human shield. She will travel to Iraq to stand in protest when the bombing campaign begins.

Min. Farrakhan described his Saviours' Day message as the "final call." Scripture shows us that there comes a time when warners from God warn no more. When the warner becomes silent, God talks loudly through rain, hail, snow, earthquakes and other disastrous calamities.

There are no man-made weapons that can defeat earthquakes so strong that they take the ground from under your feet, or two feet of snow, or a foot of rain, or baseball sized hail. These are the calamities that will soon visit America, as foretold by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and reiterated for more than 25 years by Min. Farrakhan as he called the country to atonement.

President Bush claims to be a Christian, but he is not conducting himself as one. His Savior, Jesus Christ, would not launch a pre-emptive strike against Saddam Hussein that will kill thousands of innocent civilians and send home American soldiers in body bags, all because of wicked motives.

Jesus Christ would not have sanctioned Iraq to the point where thousands of children are dying for the lack of adequate food and medicine.

Another problem is that world leaders who profess Jesus, or Muhammad (PBUH) or Buddha, etc., are not following the principles of their spiritual guides.

Although France and a few other countries are speaking in opposition to what Pres. Bush desires to do to Iraq, the overwhelming majority of the nations have not proved themselves strong or united enough to back the president down. Many are just standing in line with hats in their hands waiting for promises of aid in order to go along with Pres. Bush.

In his speech, Min. Farrakhan cited the number of times UN resolutions have been broken. What the figures reveal is hypocrisy and fear on the part of the world community. For example, Indonesia has violated resolutions four times, Armenia (4 times), Russia (1 time), Iraq (12-14 times), Turkey (14 times) and Israel (32 times) to name a few.

If Iraq's 12-14 times in violation of UN resolutions justifies an all out attack, then why isn't America talking about war with Israel or Turkey or other nations that have been in violation? Why is Mr. Bush so obsessed with this war?

While critics surmise that the President wants to get his hands on the Iraqi oil, it's also a fact that God is tightening His grip on Bush and America. The door of repentance for America is closing fast. The President's heart is being hardened, just as Pharaoh's was hardened.

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