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Farrakhan Delivers Warning to Britain and U.S.

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Prime Minister Tony Blair must not allow U.S. President George W. Bush to lead Britain into an unjust war with Iraq, and both leaders must change their unjust behavior in the world to avert divine chastisement, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned in a historic Dec. 22 satellite message beamed into the United Kingdom.

“The United Kingdom and the United States must receive a divine warning, just as the Holy Qur’an says a warner was sent to every nation,” Min. Farrakhan said. “You don’t warn people unless something terrible is coming down and you want to warn people to repent and avoid the consequences of wrongdoing,” he said.

From Emperor Constantine of Rome to President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, warmongers have hijacked Christianity, he said, adding that wicked leaders have hijacked all religions. If peacemakers are blessed in scripture, then warmongers are cursed, Min. Farrakhan warned.

White supremacy must be rejected, if the United Kingdom and her sister nation, America, are to survive, he said. “The Blacks suffer from appalling racism there (in the United Kingdom) as we suffer from it here,” he said.

For nearly 17 years the British government has denied Min. Farrakhan the right to visit and speak to a budding Nation of Islam community in England. Minister Hilary Muhammad and the London mosque fought the ban in court.

After a Muslim legal victory, the government appealed. Last year a higher court upheld the British Home Secretary’s right to keep the Minister out of the country. It argued that since Sept. 11, 2001, it would be in the government’s interest to bar the Muslim leader.

The House of Lords, the UK’s highest court, refused to hear the case.
“Since they (the British) have ruled the world and you cannot rule the world with inferior knowledge, if you have superior knowledge and have given that superior knowledge to your citizens, why should you fear what is coming out of the mouth of a Black man in America, if you have taught your people the truth? Min. Farrakhan asked.

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