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18th Appreciation Service at New Hope

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New Hope Missionary Baptist Church will host their 18th Appreciation Service for Dr. Robert L. Fairley, Pastor and Mary A. Fairley, Fist Lady on Sunday, October 10, 2010 beginning with the 7:00 a.m. service and concluding with the 11:30 a.m. service.

All are invited.

New Hope MBC is located at 1575 W. 17th Street, San Bernardino, CA 92411.

For more information contact the church office at (909) 887-2526.

Cross Word Church Celebrates 10 Years

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When Bishop Lacy Sykes, Jr and Pastor Karen Sykes first held a worship service starting as a home bible study in January 2000, little did they know that 10 years later they would boast a membership of over 4,700 and over 37 active ministries at its current location near the March Air Reserve Field Base.

Cross Word Church recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary with guest pastor Joshua Beckley of Ecclesia Christian Center, the children’s and youth choir, Voices of the Word Choir, praise team, and a packed house.

Cross Word Church vision is “Growing Spiritually Empowered Christians,” and each year, they deliver by growing in not only size but in the number of members who have joined and accepted Jesus Christ into their life.

Cross Word Church is a multiethnic, multi-denominational, multi-generational church connected through one culture: a Christian culture conformed to the image of Christ.

The focus is to teach God’s people how to live a godly life by giving practical examples and simple applications of how the Bible is relevant in today’s society.

Seniors Go Green at Mt. Rubidoux Manor

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Mount Rubidoux Manor's "Seniors Go Green" announce their 2nd Annual Green Event titled "Seniors and Children Go Green Day".

This event was kicked off in May by an Art Contest held in the Alvord Unified School and the Riverside Unified School Districts titled "The One Thing I Can Do..........to help the environment." The Art Winners were presented at City Council on September 21, and two Mayor's Choice Awards were given to two students personally selected by Mayor Ron Loveridge.

The two students were Kelsey Hondo, 1st place winner and David Uribe, Honorable Mention of the AUSD.

The event will be held on October 2, 2010, at White Park located at 3900 Market Street in Riverside, Ca. The hours are 10:00 to 2:00 where the Art Winners will be honored and receive their prizes.

Calendars of the Art Winners will be available for purchase the day of the event. Our special guest is Dan Peerless from Gray is Green: The National Senior Conservation Corps founded by retired Yale Professors in North Haven, Conn. We are an intergenerational event and have something for all to see and do.

Our sponsors are: The City of Riverside; Pechanga Casino and Resort; Riverside Woman's Club; Marriott Hotel; Riverside First Baptist Homes; SEIU; Mayor's Commission on Aging, Public Utilities; and Provident Bank.

Moment in the Word

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“And what more shall I say? For the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and Barak and Samson and Jephthah, also of David and Samuel and the prophets: who through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, and turned to flight the armies of the aliens.”
Hebrews 11:32-34 (NKJV)

Have you ever faced a frightening challenge only to find yourself a bit nervous? We often face challenges that require us to rely upon every ounce of faith at our command. Somehow, we never seem to have the same level of faith as others. They seem so confident, while we seem unsure of ourselves. The challenges we face everyday are real. They are awesome, but they are not invincible. They can be overcome.

If we are nervous, it is because we focus on all the things that can go wrong. We ponder our possible failure instead of bathing in the prospect of success. Those who are prepared for the challenge stand boldly, without fear of failure. They are confident that God is able to deliver them in any challenge.

It is easy to believe that others have more faith than us.

Somehow, we believe that the preacher, because he stands in a certain spot on Sunday; or the Deaconess and Stewardess because they sit on a front seat; or the Usher because she wears a uniform, possesses more faith than others. We believe others have greater dispensations of faith than we do because they look confident. They look sure. The basis of that confidence is faith.

Among the great characters of the Bible is Samson, an extraordinary man, who was able to do great things when he exercised his faith. Often he did not use it, as he should.

He was not always faithful to his vows to God, but in the end he relied on his faith to defeat his enemies. Samson was similar to most of us. We don't have great faith and often are not as faithful as we should be. When we act in faith and keep the faith, we have found that God always gives what we need.

As Christians, we revel in the fact that God empowers us to do mighty works in his name. We rejoice in the knowledge that he uses our lives to build his kingdom.

Thus, we face each day's challenge with confidence that God will deliver his own.

Every day God gives us faith for the fight. May the borrowed highlighted words of yesteryear’s Hymn inspire you on this God blessed day.

My faith looks up to Thee, Thou Lamb of Calvary , Savior divine!

Now hear me while I pray, Take all my guilt away, O let me from this day Be wholly Thine!

May Thy rich grace impart Strength to my fainting heart, May zeal inspire; As Thou hast died for me, O may my love to Thee Pure warm and changeless be, A living fire!

Pastor Campbell can reached at larrycampbell14@ca.rr.com

Cross Word Christian Church Celebrates Its 10th Church Anniversary

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Bishop Lacy and Pastor Karen Sykes invite you to join the festivities as the entire church body gives thanks and praise to God for His powerful hand guiding Cross Word Christian Church since its humble beginning. The history of this great church is rich in faith as we have trusted God to carry out His work through us. Since the first year and initial 33 members and one worship service, God has blessed Cross Word Christian Church to increase numerically every year – currently totaling over 4,300 with four worship services.

More significant than the numerical growth is the spiritual growth experienced by the believers who have connected to Cross Word.

This growth speaks to the church vision of Growing Spiritually Empowered Christians. We have remained diligent to the vision God sent to Bishop Lacy, to “remember the Cross” and “focus on the Word”.

This year’s celebration begins on Saturday, September 18th from 1 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. At 1 p.m. activities will include a ministry fair, singers and musicians, praise dance, spoken word, a bounce house, games, food and give-aways, just to name a few. Then at 5 p.m, we will enjoy a time of worship together during the Saturday evening worship service.

On Sunday, September 19th, we will have a special service starting at 4 p.m. with guest speaker, Dr. Joshua Beckley, Senior Pastor of Ecclesia Christian Fellowship Church located in San Bernardino. Many guest churches have been invited to share in this celebration with us and we invited the surrounding communities to join us as well. A great time will be enjoyed by all.

The church is located at 14950 Riverside Drive (corner of Riverside & Meyer Drive, Riverside 92518), just east of March Air Reserve Base. For directions visit our website at www.crosswordchurch.org.

For additional information, contact the church office at (951) 697-8803.

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