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Diverse Faiths Celebrate With Festival

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Since May 20, 1810, when Father Francisco Dumetz founded a Catholic mission in what was then almost entirely a Native American community, San Bernardino has had a diversity of faiths.

Sunday, May 16, 2010 people of San Bernardino’s many faiths will come together in celebration of the city’s history and future, as part of the city’s year long Bicentennial Celebration. The Festival of Faiths, a free event, will be held at the Western Region Little League Stadium, 6707 Little League Dr. The program will take place from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will be followed by the “Sharing of Food and Friendship” from 4:30 p.m. to 5:45 pm. There is ample parking at the stadium.

“It is a celebration of the many different faiths in San Bernardino,” said the Rev. Petra Malleis-Sternberg, pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ, and co-chair of the Bicentennial Celebration’s Festival of Faiths committee. “We also are recognizing the many ways these different congregations have served the city of San Bernardino over the last 200 years.”

Every religious congregation identified by the Festival of Faiths committee has been invited to participate in this event. If any congregation has not been invited, a leader should call Rev. Malleis-Sternberg at (909) 886-4911.

The event starts at 3 p.m. with each participating congregation participating in Opening Ceremonies. A pastor or other congregational leader, and at least one youth representative will parade into the Little League stadium, carrying a banner to identify their congregation.

After the participating congregations are recognized, some of them will provide musical entertainment.p> This includes choirs, praise bands, dance teams and prayers and readings that are chanted or sung.

On conclusion of the entertainment portion of the Festival of Faiths, all will adjourn to the area surrounding the stadium for the “Sharing of Food and Friendship.” Congregations will offer taste-sized portions of food from their unique cultures.

“This is like one big coffee hour,” the Rev. Malleis-Sternberg said. “Our local synagogue plans to offer tastes of bagels, lox, and sweets. Other religious groups will share Middle Eastern barbecue, Latin American flavors, and regional treats from the United States."

Also, during this final hour, children will be encouraged to draw their vision for San Bernardino’s future on a mural. Paper and markers will be supplied. Local congregations that have buses or vans are being invited to provide transportation to and from the event from key locations in San Bernardino. These locations will be announced a week before the event.

Other upcoming Bicentennial Celebration Events:p> On May 1, the San Bernardino Symphony will perform a “Celebrate America” concert at the California Theatre of Performing Arts in honor of the city’s birthday as well as the centennial of the Community Hospital of San Bernardino.

More music will be performed May 7 and 8 with an adaptation of Mozart’s opera “Cossi Fan Tutte” at California State University San Bernardino’s P.A. Recital Hall.

May 8 and 9, the celebration debuts Railroad Days at the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum at the historic Depot. The historic Santa Fe # 3751 steam locomotive will be brought to San Bernardino for this event.

May 15th current and former residents join together at an elegant gala at the National Orange Show Events Center, with the 16th capped by a Bicentennial Mayor’s Run and Youth Safety Expo at Arrowhead Credit Union Park.

There will be a Centennial Monument rededication as well as a Bicentennial Monument dedication on May 20 at Inland Center Drive and “I” Street with a reception to follow at the California Welcome Center – San Bernardino.

The Bicentennial Parade will start at 7th and E Street, ending at Meadowbrook Park, on May 22 focusing on San Bernardino from its beginnings as a Native American settlement centuries ago, to the present and future.

The Bicentennial festivities continue on July 4th at the 66ers Stadium in the Arrowhead Credit Union Park, the 4th of July Extravaganza with a fireworks display unlike any the city has previously seen.

The Stater Bros. Route 66 Rendezvous, the Western Regional Little League Tournament and other events taking place in the latter part of 2010 will also feature a tie-in to San Bernardino’s Bicentennial, keeping the celebration alive throughout the year.p> Rabbi Hillel Cohn is the chairman of the Bicentennial Celebration Committee, and Erin Brinker is the chair of its Public Relations & Marketing and Independence Day Extravaganza committees. Other Bicentennial Celebration Committee members are Jim Smith (chair of the Community Engagement committee), Cheryl Brown (chair of the Youth Council, Intergovernmental and Arts committees), Beverly Bird (chair of the Legend of the Arrowhead committee), Steven Shaw (chair of the History committee), David Smith (chair of the Finance committee), Jane Sneddon (chair of the Parade committee), Martha Pinckney (chair of the Gala committee.) and John Valdivia. The mayor and members of the San Bernardino Common Council appointed these members.

Additional community volunteers who have taken on leadership of other committees are: Rev. Malleis- Sternberg (Festival of Faiths), Edward Martinez (Leadership Cabinet), Peggi Hazlett (Mayor’s Run), Dr. Charles “Skip” Herbert (Coloring Books for Schools), Karen Blanco (Media) and The Art Institute of California – Inland Empire (Design).p> For additional details, contact Erin Brinker at (951) 323-9337 or go to http://www.sanbernardino200.org

Moment in the Word

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‘Looking diligently lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you …”
(Hebrews 12:15 KJV)

The phrase 'looking diligently' comes from the Greek word “episkopos”, which means to supervise, oversee, and correct (It's where the word 'bishop' originates).

In other words, you are the overseer of your heart. Each day you must monitor, direct and correct what goes on there. You can't blame your bad attitude, resentment and unforgiveness on others. You are responsible! When somebody offends you, it's up to you whether or not you let bitterness take root. You can't control what other people do, but it's the 'inside' part - the part you can control - that God holds us accountable for. You get to decide whether or not irritation turns into anger, anger into resentment, and resentment into retaliation.

Paul says, 'Looking diligently lest any… root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and… many be defiled' (Hebrews 12:15 KJV). The reason weeds take over a garden is because the gardener doesn't pull them up fast enough.

When your garden is choked by weeds you can't say, 'I don't know how it happened!' When you are 'looking diligently' you will see them moving in. The only way to stay free of the weeds the enemy wants to sow in your life is to be attentive to the condition of your heart. When you're faced with a hurtful, offensive situation, refuse to let a wrong attitude take root and produce bad fruit. Instead, ask God to help you replace those destructive thoughts with mercy and forgiveness towards the people who hurt you. The Bible says, 'Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the well spring of life'(Proverbs 4:23 NIV).

Try God! He has broad shoulders!

Pastor Campbell can reached at larrycampbell14@ca.rr.com

16th Street SDA Annual Christian Cotillion/ Beautillion Etiquette Luncheon & Tea 2010

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It’s spring and that means it’s time for the Debutantes and Beau’s Annual Etiquette Luncheon & Tea; this marks the 16th year of this event. The Deb’s & Beau’s of the 2010 Christian Cotillion/Beautillion (CCB) attended two etiquette workshops facilitated by Ms. Earlene Freeman, which culminated with the Luncheon and Tea on Sunday April 18, 2010. The keynote speaker was Pastor Anthony Paschal of the 16th Street SDA Church in San Bernardino, California.

Each year the Deb’s & Beau’s participate in a six month program which consists of cultural, civic, etiquette, current events and public speaking workshops.

As one part of the cultural aspect; The Deb’s and Beau’s saw “Dream Girls” at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles California; also part of the civic --was volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House for families of hospitalized children in Loma Linda, California.

The Chairperson, Yolanda “Angel” Cohill, has been involved with this wonderful program since inception. She worked closely with the founder, the late Ms. Roylestine Bowman, who began the CCB sixteen years ago. Ms. Cohill has picked up the baton and hasn't stopped. She states, “Every child should be afforded the opportunity to experience a Cotillion, not just the privileged”.

The 2010 16th Annual Christian Cotillion/Beautillion participants are:

Deb Sikudhani Alexander, Deb Jamayca Amos, Deb Lawrielle Beamen, Deb Keyonna Bolton, Beau Dontae Halbert (Not Shown) Deb Lauren Hall, Deb Antinette Henry, Deb Raven Johnson, Deb Khairee McBath, Deb Brittani Ojogho, Deb Shawn Rawa, Beau Kyle Sanders (Not Shown) Deb Carlecia Stewart, Deb Terre Stewart.

Committee Members: Chair-- Yolanda “Angel” Cohill, Cochai r/Choreographer--Ms. Bukeka “Keka” Chandler, Treasurer--Dr. Glyne Thorington, Ms. Betty Daniels, Ms. Virginia Burrell, Ms. Danielle Mackey, Mr. Gerald Thompson and Ms. Detra Marshall and a special thanks to Mr. Demetrius Musgrove, Ms. Tribera Woods and Ms.Helen Howard of 16th Street SDA Church.

The Christian Cotillion / Beautillion Scholarship Ball will be held on May 2, 2010 at the Hilton Hotel in San Bernardino, California; for more information regarding tickets, please contact: Angel Cohill at (909) 229-2369 or Danielle Mackey at (909) 556-4138.

Pastor Terry Starks Installed at Rubidoux Missionary Baptist Church

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Rubidoux Missionary Baptist Church (RMBC) is happy to announce the installation of Terry Starks as the new church pastor.

The installation service will be conducted on Sunday, April 25th at Loveland Church in Ontario, Ca. at 5:00pm. Pastor Terry comes to RMBC from Loveland Church where he has served the kingdom there as one of their executive pastors, for over 10 years.

The installation will be officiated by Pastor Chuck Singleton, senior pastor of Loveland Church, with musical selections from Loveland's Adult Choir, Praise Team and Male Chorus. RMBC's choir will offer A&B selections and Loveland's Praise Dance Troupe, "V.I.P." will also render a selection before Pastor Singleton delivers the installation message.

The morning worship gathering at RMBC begins at 11:00am. On April 25th, Pastor Ron Wiley of Grace Temple MBC of Lompoc, Ca. will be the morning preacher.

RMBC is located at: 2890 Rubidoux Bl., just 3 blocks north of the 60 Fwy. Both services are open to the general public.

Moment in the Word

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"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28,30 "And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing."
Luke 15:5

In the late 1960's, Bill Withers wrote a folk ballad entitled "Lean on Me!" The thought of his simple little song was that everybody needs someone to lean on.

Have you ever looked for a shoulder to lean on?

Sometimes when life's disappointments beset us, we search for someone who can give us reassurance that everything will truly be all right.

One of the greatest strengths of a good Christian Family is that it provides a shoulder for each member to lean on. When failures or disappointments come, there is a shoulder to lean on. In times of crises there is always someone who provides a strong shoulder to lean on.

The most influential and respected members of the family are often those who have big shoulders. Those who always seem to have a willingness to listen, to share a burden or pain, and to help lighten a load, always seem to have big shoulders. Sometimes it is a father and other times it's a mother. Sometimes it's a grandparent and on occasion it has even been a child. But when those with broad shoulders, need a shoulder, where can they go? When those who are shouldering the responsibility of the family, carrying the bulk of the load, and sharing a multitude of problems need a shoulder to lean on, where do they go? They can't lay their heads on their own shoulders, that will only give them a crook in the neck. Crying on their own shoulders only results in wet sleeves. Where do those who are loaded and burdened go to find a shoulder big enough to lean on?

As Christians we have learned that there is no shoulder like the shoulder of God! It is a broad shoulder, able to sustain as many as have needs. If you have been carrying a heavy load of responsibility lately and it seems to get heavy at times, there is a shoulder to lean on.

Not only does God have broad shoulders, but he also has strong arms. They make us feel safe, secure and protected regardless of our circumstance.

A song writer probably understood this truth when he wrote:
"Leaning, Leaning, safe and secure from all alarms. Leaning, Leaning, Leaning on the everlasting arms!"

Looking for a shoulder to lean on today?

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