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Moment in the Word

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“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men …”
(Psalms 107:8 *NIV)

Today we will look at the shortest Chapter in the Bible. It is located very close to the center of the Bible as well. Now the Chapter I am speaking of is the 117th Division in the Book of Psalms. Though it is only two verses of praise for our Heavenly Father, it gives us two big reasons to praise Him indeed!
Psalm 117

1. Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles! Laud Him, all you peoples!

[Laud] means, "to speak very well of." The Hebrew word for [Gentiles] means all people except the Jews; thus this word means all other groups, along ethnic or language lines.

2. For His merciful kindness is great toward us, and the truth of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord!

[Merciful kindness] refers to God's faithfulness to His Covenant promises, to His Children all over the World. Have you ever said to yourself, "I can't think of anything that God has done for me lately? Therefore how can I praise Him?" Well, this short Psalm gives us two big reasons to praise our Heavenly Father; His tremendous love toward us, and His faithfulness that endures forever. So just think, if God did nothing else for us He would still be worthy of our highest praise everyday!

Have a Wonderful Weekend, and may the Love of God fill your heart and mind, today and always!

Pastor Campbell can reached at larrycampbell14@ca.rr.com

New Joy Celebrates 21st Anniversary

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New Joy Baptist Church cordially invites the community to celebrate with their Church 21st Anniversary, Sunday, September 19, 2010 @ 10:15 a.m. Immediately after service they will have a free delicious fellowship dinner.

Everyone is invited. They have an uplifting and exciting program planned.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Richard Kessee, Pastor Emeritus of St. James Baptist Church, Santa Ana, CA. Dr. Kessee is a great preacher and gifted singer. He preaches throughout the country.

Come and celebrate the many milestones that have been achieved in their pilgrimage such as the acquiring of land, the building of their edifice and the burning of one of the mortgages. God has brought us from a mighty long ways.

The church is on the move for Christ. New Joy Baptist Church is located at 5694 Jurupa Avenue, Riverside.

For more information call 951-779-0088.

Moment in the Word

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“Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.”
(Proverbs 18:24 Message Bible)

Many families have had dogs for pets at one time or another. The type of dog that families have varies from big dogs to little dogs, skinny dogs to fat dogs, mean dogs to sweet and cuddly dogs.

Sometimes a person’s dog even seems to take on the special “look” of its owner.

Some owners have developed such an affinity with their dogs that they treat them as family members, feed them from their plates, sleep with them in their beds and buy them special clothes and toys.

Dogs have been called “man’s best friend” in some areas and have become the envy of many who admire the “dog’s life.”

One of my favorite past times is spending time with our family pet, Kelly. Kelly is a 15 year old female chow who has been with our family since my 21 year old son’s childhood. Even in her old age, Kelly never ceases to amaze me.

We could probably learn a few things from dogs.

Whenever a loved one comes home a dog always runs out to greet him, while we often watch from the window. A dog will let you know when you have invaded his territory; we often mumble and complain after the person leaves. A dog eats with enthusiasm, but when he has had enough he stops eating; we often keep eating, even if we are full. A dog notices when its owner is having a bad day.

It sits close by, keeps silent and sometimes nuzzles its owner for comfort.

Sometimes we can make our partner’s bad day even worse.

A dog will avoid biting, if a simple growl will get the point across. People often bite at each other before they growl. A dog that is looking for a bone will dig until he finds it. People looking for what they want often give up before they achieve their dreams. A dog knows how to come home, no matter how far he is a way; he finds his way. Too often some of us forget where we live. A dog finds joy in the simplest things and wags his tail. We complain so much that our tails are always tucked in fear or out of ingratitude.

There’s a lot we can learn from dogs, but as Christians we’ve learned one thing about dogs is not true ….

Man’s best friend is not his dog, but the Lord. That’s why the songwriter wrote, “What a friend we have in Jesus.” He is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Today, remember that your best friend is Jesus. He won't let you down.

There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus—No not one! No, not one!

None else could heal all our soul’s diseases—No, not one! No, not one! Jesus knows all about our struggles, He will guide till the day is done; There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus—No not one! No, not one!

Pastor Campbell can reached at larrycampbell14@ca.rr.com

Moment in the Word

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“I am the Lord and I change not!"
(Malachi 3:6 KJV)

Have you ever accomplished a task once but found it hard to do it again? There are occasions when just the right combination of skill and grace coincide to produce the perfect outcome.

These are times when we bake the perfect pound cake, or cook the perfect pot of greens. It's the day that the dressing is perfect or the flowers planted in the spring sprout perfectly. There are years when the school football team seems unbeatable, playing successive games without a flaw, straight to the championships. How did you fare when you tried to do the same thing again?

If you are like most people, you found that perfection, while possible, is hard to duplicate. Even Tiger Woods misses a putt or two.

Although Micheal Jordan could sail through the air, there were games when he simply just couldn't put it together. The best singer can hit a flat note on occasion and the best figure skaters slip on the ice while performing the simplest routines. Many can manage the effort necessary to accomplish a feat the first time but they have trouble doing it again.

In Malachi 3:6, God reminded the sons of Jacob that, "I am the Lord and I change not!" What God did then he can do again! Not only can he do it again, but he can do it in a grander more miraculous way than he did in the beginning.

As believers, we are confident that God's power does not dwindle like a drained battery. We believe his power is a never ending flow that ebbs from the battlements of heaven to the edges of every known universe. Whatever God has done once, he can do again. Today, as you face new challenges, remember God has helped you before. He will do it again today!

Pastor Campbell can reached at larrycampbell14@ca.rr.com

Life Changing Ministries Hosts Back-2-School Giveaway

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By Ashley Jones –

An overwhelming number of community participants received free backpacks, school supplies and shoes during Life Changing Ministries’ “Operation Back- 2-School” community outreach event. The event was held Sunday, August 22, 2010 on the church premises in San Bernardino. The program offered face painting, games for children and information booths focused on promoting healthy eating habits, physical awareness and personal care.

Attendees of this year’s event also had the benefit of participating in free dental screening provided by the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. Participants were given a free toothbrush and toothpaste and were provided information on dental health.

Senior Pastor and Founder of Life Changing Ministries Dr. Reginald L. Woods said the overall goal of this year’s event was to help meet the needs of people in the community.

He said, “God loves and reaches out, and we His people should reach out. It is important because people have needs. God meets needs through people and He meets needs through the church. It’s important that we are able to be that vehicle that God can use to meet the needs of people.”

Dr. Woods said his goal is to continue to tangibly bless and help people in our community.

“The Bible talks about love being demonstrated, the love that is not displayed by action is no good. We wanted to be able to do something that shows love in action. We realize that there are people who need to hear from God, receive love and know that the church cares. We are very happy to be available and hope we can be available in the future to help families that need help,” said Dr. Woods.

San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry, supporter of Life Changing Ministries said, “Life Changing Ministries has been a partner in this community for 25 years and has done an outstanding job maintaining their facilities, providing services such as daycare and after school programs, and even the park that they provide the community just north of here. This program where they pass out backpacks to young people as they are starting school is just a great opportunity for us and something that should be celebrated. I would hope more people would follow their lead.”

Resident of San Bernardino County Shavonne Richardson said she found the event to be very beneficial. Richardson said, “This program has helped me out tremendously because I just moved to the area. I was lacking on my needs as far as my four kids and the church was able to provide nice things. It came from God. When all else fails, God’s got your back and this is how He helped me.”

San Bernardino resident Pauline Dett brought several of her family members to enjoy the event. She said the program helped her because it met her needs and she appreciated the church providing new sneakers to her grandson.

The sponsors for this year’s Operation Back-2-School were the members of Life Changing Ministries, Target, Walmart, Remax Champions, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, Samaritan’s Feet, and the Kids Foundation. To learn more about Life Changing Ministries, please contact the church at (909) 882-2337 or visit the church’s web site at www.lifecm.org.

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