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Black Films to be Showcased in the Riverside Film Festival

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In Our Hands

Director: Josefine Borrmann
Documentary, 12 minutes

People with disabilities in Tanzania are treated as though they can contribute nothing to society, but small groups are now working to achieve fair access to government loans and other programs to work and employ others. Salum and Malise represent the able people of Tanzania. Their lives are entwined through their common goal of standing proudly as productive members of society. Leading their own initiatives while struggling to gain respect in a society that labels them as disabled, these individuals represent the current Tanzanian disability movement.

About the Director Josefine Borrmann, Director
As an international filmmaker, Josefine Borrmann uses her experiences of living in several countries to foster a sense of understanding and respect of the cultures she is exploring with her films. Her intentions are to use film as a media to uncover life of hidden subcultures facing societal conflicts. Her works include In Our Hands, She's My Superman, We Come From Jambiani, and her next film will be made in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in Juli 2011.

The Fifth Quarter

Director: Rick Bieber
Feature, 96 minutes

In 2006, 16-year-old Luke Abbate was killed in a car accident. His older brother, a football player at Wake Forest University, decided to honor his brother’s memory by wearing his No. 5 jersey and dedicating the season to him. His teammates also became inspired and played the best football of their lives. An inspirational true story of family, faith, and the gift of life, The Fifth Quarter is much more than a football film. The film has won numerous awards and is opening in theaters on the East Coast just as it opens RIFF’s 2011 season.

About the Director Rick Bieber, Writer/Director/Producer
Rick Bieber spent hundreds of hours talking with the Abbate family in preparation for writing the screenplay, and they were also in attendance throughout the film. For many years, he has produced or executive produced feature films such as Flatliners and Radio Flyer, as well as over 30 television and cable movies, including Mandela.

Beatboxing: The Fifth Element of Hip Hop

Director: Klaus Schneyder
Documentary: 53 minutes

It was in the late 70s that a youth culture evolved in the poorer parts of New York which combined several disciplines under the name of Hip Hop. From the hardship of poverty and the lack of instruments, a pioneer was inspired to imitate drum rhythms with his mouth - his brilliance creating the term 'Human Beatbox'. Beatboxing has become a global phenomenon, which is organized and celebrated in the annual Beatbox Conventions and through Beatbox Competitions, that are being held in an increasing number of countries every year.

About the Director Klaus Schneyder, Writer/Director/Producer
This is Klaus Schneyder’s first film. It grew out of interviews filmed over several years during his research in New York and California toward writing an academic book on the phenomenon of Beatboxing.

Lost & Found

Director: Kiah S. Jones, Jonathan Formica, Alexander Gaeta, Rob McClelland, Malica Chehrzad, Lauren Hulsey
Documentary, 17 minutes

In a small nation with over 130,000 orphaned kids, many living on the streets - one program is turning their lives around. Cynthia and her partner, Victor, take to the streets of Botswana twice a week offering orphans and kids unwanted by their families an opportunity to abandon the harsh and sometimes dangerous life on the streets. They provide these kids with an education and a stable home.

About the Director Kiah S. Jones. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Kiah has produced several documentaries, short films and music videos. She is set to receive her MFA in Film & TV Producing in May 2011 from the Dodge College of Film & Media Arts at Chapman University.

Jonathan Formica. Hailing from Lake Forest, California, Jonathan is currently in pursuit of a BFA in Broadcast Journalism from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University.

Malica Chehrzad. Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Malica will receive her BFA in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary film making from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University in May 2011. Alexander Gaeta. Born in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Alex is currently seeking a BFA in Film Production from Chapman University.

Rob McClelland. Rob, originally from Tucson, Arizona, is a senior in the BFA Film Production program at Chapman University. His passion for photography has led him to study cinematography in pursuit of a career shooting documentary and narrative films.

Lauren Hulsey. Originally from Rockville, Maryland, Lauren recently graduated with a BFA in Digital Arts from Chapman University.

Punch Me

Director: Robert X. Golphin
Short, 14 minutes

With a romance on the rocks and a father on his sick bed, a young man must accept his true identity before he loses the two people he loves most. 'Sometimes a push is all you need'.

About the Director Robert X. Golphin
Director/Writer/Lead Actor Robert X. Golphin is an American award-nominated actor, award-winning filmmaker/ screenwriter, author, motivational speaker/orator, and journalist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is best known for his portrayal of Dunbar Reed in the 2007 film The Great Debaters. Robert holds a B.A. in Theater and Film (Magna Cum Laude), and a Diploma in Creative Writing from the Philadelphia H.S. for the Creative & Performing Arts.

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