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Black Filmmaker Films in the Inland Empire

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By Mark Taylor –

Hisonni Johnson became interested in film at the age of 13 when he was asked to star in a college student’s film project. He remembered the feeling of being in sync with the film and loved the idea that an individual could control images and events with a camera. He is no stranger to the film world and has been acting since the age of five. His talents have increased sales for several businesses such as Walgreens and Boeing.

Johnson has been seen on shows and films such as: Glee, Greek, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Cloverfield.

He attended a private film high school where he practiced with various camera techniques and equipment. Years later he worked as an apprent ice for David VanderVeen Productions where he learned photography, terminology, camera function, and lighting.

He draws inspiration from the work of Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, and Peter Berg.

Johnson grew up in a bad neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He describes his neighborhood as a place that seems inescapable. His parents were both involved with drugs and his mother had no choice but to get his school clothes from the dumpster. Johnson had a reputation as a junkie but later turned to film as a method to change his lifestyle. He also had a desire to get his mother out of his childhood neighborhood but she passed before he had a chance to do so.

This tragedy disappoints him because he was unable to provide his mother with a better lifestyle before her passing. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about his mother and the wisdom she gave to him. He hopes that through his work he will one day inspire his troubled sister to make a change in her life as well.

Johnson’s upcoming film “The Other Side” tells the story of Damien, a cop who goes undercover in a drug ring to arrest a criminal.

During the course of his investigation Damien becomes addicted to cocaine and unintentionally kills an innocent woman.

While in rehab Damien begins to see hallucinations of the woman he murdered. In order to protect his reputation he attempts to close a case that could save his career.

Johnson is shooting the film in various locations across Riverside. He praises the city for its art-friendly nature and is honored to be filming here. He is also serious about helping his friends and other struggling artists find success in the business. He hopes to enter his film in the Riverside International, Beverly Hills, and the South by Southwest Film Festivals.

Johnson is interested in creating characters that do the right thing by practicing immoral behaviors. This is what he considers to be the main theme in his movie. He conveys this point by providing examples of his mother and Damien, the main character in his film. He explained that although his mother was involved with drugs she still instilled within him the wisdom he has today. He also explains how Damien goes undercover and does drugs so that he can arrest a suspect in a drug case. He wants the individuals in the audience to place themselves in Damien’s shoes.

Johnson is heavily involved in the creation of music videos, commercials, and demo reels. His music video, “Lately Illuminating” gave an aspiring rap artist the opportunity to meet with several record companies. Johnson has a part time job and he volunteers in the community in his spare time. He has been given a starring role in an upcoming motion picture with Rhea Pearlman and Michael Clark Duncan. The film is entitled “The Riot”.

Johnson’s career has made him realize that film making is his passion and that it has empowered him and given him the ability to bend his own will. He feels that the art of film has given him the ability to control destiny through a sequence of events. He is becoming more and more obsessed with this business and takes every opportunity he can to learn about the latest equipment and techniques.

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