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Local Authorities Baffled by Evidence of Dinosaur Invasion

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Crushed Cars Discovered Downtown Indicate Something Big is Coming

In major cities across the country, authorities have made a series of bizarre discoveries. Parked cars, crushed under some enormous weight, have been found on city streets.

They are discovered with no signs of injury, theft, or vandalism, but the roof of each vehicle bears an enormous tell-tale footprint of some sort of enormous creature. After consulting biologists, zoologists and finally paleontologists, authorities are on the lookout for a 27’-long male dinosaur called a Daspletosaurus, a bipedal carnivore and an ancestor of the notorious T-Rex. Sketch artists have created this image from eye-witness accounts.

Police, paleontologists and emergency personnel have been tracking the creature and though they have yet to get visual confirmation, feel that they have a good idea on the path the animal will take.

He seems to be attracted to theatres and heavily populated downtown locations. Warning notices and the following wanted poster have been sent to the following locations so that they are on the lookout between December 12-16, when the creature is expected to strike.

• Orlando -- Church Street and South Orange Ave. and Pointe Orlando, in front of the Muvico Pointe Theatre

• Los Angeles – In front of the Kodak Theatre

• Philadelphia – 18th St. between Walnut and Locust

Local authorities are asking residents to use caution when entering these areas and to be on the lookout for the suspect in question.

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