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Mara Brok Akil, Just One of the Girls

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By Tonica Lucas

Mara Brok Akil, the creator of the hit show, “Girlfriends” is one of Hollywood’s few Black female executive producers. The show is now in its fourth season and seasons one and two will being appearing on BET. It might just seem like this 33-year old just exploded onto the scene out of nowhere but that’s not the case.

.This God-fearing woman started at the age of twenty-four as a writer for Fox’s “South Central” where she became a series producer. Mara went on to become executive producer for “The Jamie Fox Show”.

When it was time to construct her very own show in the year 2000, she was able to sell the show before she found a studio. She created “Girlfriends”, a sophisticated sitcom about four Black women who are struggling with relationship issues. The show has also tackled weighty issues; such as AIDS, alcohol abuse, sexual addiction, and fibroids. Though Mara says that season four will be taking a break from the heavy issues. She sees at least seven years for the show.

This can easily be accomplished; viewers are drawn to the show because of the realism. To put it in Mara’s own words, “…the details of our stories resonates. There is a reason why Toni wears a rag on her head to bed; it’s not as a joke. It is a detail that small, that makes you feel connected. If you spend seventy-five to a hundred dollars on your hairdo, you are going to wrap it up.”

“Girlfriends” airs on Monday nights at 9:00 on UPN. Judging by the first episode, this season will be filled with drama, twists, and turns. So tune in to see what happens in the lives of Joan, Toni, Maya, and Lynn.

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