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"Deliver Us From Eva" Premieres in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles

Be careful what you ask for, the saying goes. In the contemporary romantic comedy "Deliver Us from Eva," a trio of men plot to free themselves of their mates' unattached and seemingly omnipresent older sister Eva (Union).

Eva has a sweet face but a steely disposition: a few choice words from her, and a once-confident man becomes a virtual basket case.

Eva has been in charge of her younger sisters ever since their parents died, many years ago. The mere fact that they're married or engaged hasn't deterred her one bit from continuing to take charge of their lives.

But the cost of putting family first has been the deferral of her own dreams - and the assumption of a harder-than-nails personality that no man has yet been able to crack.

Eva's uncanny ability to interfere in her sisters' affairs has not endeared her to their spouses and partners. The men would also like to close out and divide up the family trust fund that Eva oversees.

So they concoct a simple plan: compensate cash-strapped ladies' man Ray Adams (LL Cool J) to romance and distract Eva from her familial duties.

Introductions are made, sparks fly between Ray and Eva…but the plan goes awry, leading to surprising consequences and hilarious complications.

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